Wednesday, April 08, 2009

is anyone out there?

I've been reading up and studying up a lot lately on couponing.  I have lots of friends/co-workers that are really getting into it, and I am determined to be good at it, too.  I love finding a good deal on clothes, shoes, purses, etc.  So why shouldn't I be able to get a good deal on groceries.

Matt and I eat almost every meal at home.  We eat breakfast here, I pack both of our lunches daily, and I almost always cook dinner.  We go out to eat maybe 3 times a month, if that.  Since Matt and I have been married, I usually spend around $350 dollars on groceries a month.  I usually have 2 big $100ish trips and 2 smaller $60ish trips.  I use coupons every time I go to the grocery store but I never save a ton.  

After studying up this week on some helpful blogs and websites.  I bought quite bit of groceries and stocked up on  some toiletries for only $71.  Without coupons I would have spend $165.  I know that "Super Couponers" probably don't think that is all that great, but I think it's a great start.  

My goal is to get our grocery budget down so we can free up that money to go elsewhere in our budget.  But what I really don't know what our budget should be?  

If you don't mind me asking, what do you spend on groceries a month??  How many are in your family?  How often do you eat at home?  What do you think you spend the majority on at the grocery store?



bmullen said...

We've only made one grocery trip, so I'm not sure what we spend on groceries. I'll have more info in a few months, but I am very interested in coupons. Where do you get yours?

Ally said...

How did you save that much??? I seriously need help with this coupon stuff.

Unknown said...

My Matt and I eat at home just about every meal. We both bring our lunches to work and I always cook dinner. We spend about $400/month on groceries. I know it's bad but I have not been as diligent as I should be with coupon collecting. I looked into the grocery game but it was a bit overwhelming for me, haha! I think I need to start out with just collecting what is in the Sunday paper and work my way up :-)
- Erin Tetreault