Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the eve of christmas eve

We celebrated Christmas at Nonnie's house tonight. We started out with a delicious dinner at Babe's!!
After we stuffed ourselves full, we headed back to Nonnie's for gifts. Before we even started passing out gifts, Carson spotted his. He got right on it and started playing with all the buttons. This boy is going to be just like his Daddy. He loves wheels!!
Every gift I got had to do with the kitchen. I told my Mom, "You know you are a real grown up when all of your gifts are for the kitchen, and that's they way you like it!!"
My grandma does a lot of cooking with her pressure cooker. She's even done some cooking for me with her pressure cooker. I've been begging her for one, and I finally got one!! I can't wait to try it out.
Thanks Nonnie for the yummy dinner at Babe's and all of the wonderful gifts. We both loved everything we got!!
We love you, Nonnie!!


Amber said...

yall are so cute!