Saturday, June 30, 2012

1st haricut

We took Pearson to get his first haircut today.  He did great!!  He didn't cry or fuss one bit.  We took him to Cool Cuts 4 Kids and it was perfect.  They had a TV going with Elmo on it. 
 And he got to sit in a little yellow car.  He LOVED the steering wheel.  
I have to be honest.  I was really nervous when I realized this lady with orange hair was going to be cutting my baby's hair.  
 I shouldn't have been worried though because she was really good with him and did a great job cutting his hair.  
I can't say we'll be going there again though.  It was quite overpriced just to sit in the little car.  
 And now that I know that he can sit still and doesn't through a fit during a haircut I have a little more freedom as to where I can take him.  
 It's crazy how much more grown up he looks now that he has his hair cut.  
 My baby boy is growing up!!


Nicole LeBlanc said...

what a big boy!

Nicole LeBlanc said...
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Alisa said...

Oh my! Our sweet baby's first haircut. He looks so cute.

Julie said...

What a handsome guy! Great haircut!

Lindsay said...

He looks so cute! And so grown up!

Kristin Cook said...

So handsome!

Darci said...

that's great that he did a good job!

The little cars remind of me the place that jesse & rebecca took their boys to get a hair cut on full house! {i used to love that show!}

Audrey & Randon said...

Such a cool place to get a haircut!!! He's so handsome!