Sunday, November 04, 2012

this weekend......

We had such a busy weekend!!  I didn't have a spare moment to sit at the computer this weekend, so the blog has been pretty quiet the last few days!!

We started off our weekend by meeting this little guy.  Parker is the newest little guy in our ABF at church.  He's a healthy little guy weighing in at 9 pounds.  I just love his little cheeks and the little rolls he already has!! Pearson's newest work is "gah-ker" (cracker), so we we asked if he wanted to go meet Parker he said, "gah-ker".  So for now, Parker is a cracker to Pearson!!

After meeting Parker, we dropped Pearson off at the church for Parent's Night Out.  Our church does an amazing thing on the first Friday of every month.  For only $11 ($20 for 2 kids, and I think $25 for 3 o more) you can drop your kid of at the church for childcare from 6:30-10:30 so you can go on a date with your spouse!!  We were given a certificate for my birthday from our Preschool minister, so we put it to use and went on a date to Saltgrass!! We even had a gift card to Saltgrass so we had a really nice cheap date!!
 Saturday morning we got up early and had family picture done!!  Our photographer posted these two sneak peeks!
I'm in love!!  I can't wait to see the rest!! I'll have to keep the rest in hiding because we are going to use these pictures for our Christmas Cards!!
 We were planning on having a relaxing day at home on Saturday, but a friend from church had two free tickets to the Baylor football game in Waco.  I swiped them up because my hubby is a die hard BU fan.  When we got into Waco, we ate lunch at Health Camp.  We also got a Orange Dreamsicle shake and it was the best shake I had ever had in my life!!
I was going to be crazy and take Pearson to the game with us, but luckily I got out of it last minute!! Our good friends, The Hoopers, just moved away from Dallas but were also in Waco for the day.  Jonathan ended up going to the game while I hung out with Tammy at Chelsea's house.  Tammy is friends with Chelsea in real life, so she introduced me to Chelsea's blog.  We read each other's blogs, so we are "blog friends" but we had never actually met.  It was so nice to be at someone's house that was set up for a toddler.  She has a little 15 month old, so Pearson had a ball swinging in her swing and playing with all of her toys.  
I'm sad Carter was with her grandparents for the day because I think Pearson and Carter would have had a ball together.  

Thank you SO SO SO much Chelsea for letting us invade your house for the afternoon. Especially even after you left!!  You are so sweet!!

While Tammy, Pearson and I were playing and catching up on life Matt and Jonathan were enjoying the game with some pretty close seats!!
 I am SO thankful that Pearson and I ended up not going because after half time there was a lightning delay and it sprinkled for a little while.  Lots of people left so Matt and Jonathan upgraded their seats to the 50 yard line!!
 After the game we had Ninfa's for dinner and then headed home.  We had such a great day in Waco.  It was so good to have an unexpected day of fun with The Hoopers!! 


jrandchels said...

Katy, I am so glad it worked out for you to hang out at our place. It was great to meet you and maybe some day our kiddos can meet too!

Also, I am excited to see more Christmas card photos!

Cassidy said...

I'm sorry we missed you guys! We headed to Dallas as soon as we got the "inclement weather" announcement because we tried to tough it out two years ago and it ended up being a monsoon lightning storm! Didn't wanna risk it with S. I'm glad HealthCamp treated you well. We did Vitek's and saw the Hoopers there.

Allie said...

Love the pics... I'm keeping our under wraps too!!! I may not even post a sneak bc I love it so much!! It may be the winner!! Thanks for hookin' us up with a great photographer!!

Brittany said...

Man, Health Camp & Ninfas in one day! That makes for one yummy & full day!!

Alisa said...
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Alisa said...

Those sneak peek pictures are soooooo good!

Lindsay said...

Love those pictures!!