Tuesday, April 02, 2013

play ball

Last night we loaded up our new {to us} wagon or "wah-yee" as Pearson says, to go to Matt's softball game.  
He didn't last too long in the wagon, because he was ready to explore the ball park.  
He thought he was big stuff walking around eating his dinner.

He was even being sweet and trying to share his dinner with David.

I hope Matt enjoyed us being at the game last night because we probably won't be going to another game any time soon.  
 I got a full workout chasing our little guy around, so I didn't even really get to watch much of the game.
Every now and then Pearson would stop and watch Daddy bat, but for the most part, he never stopped moving!!
 He wanted to play with the bats and balls so bad.  I would let him play in the dugout while the guys were on the field but when they came into bat, he was so sad that I wouldn't let him stay in there. 
 And he was even more sad when they went back out onto the field.
Just a few more year, little buddy, and you'll be out there playing too!!


Audrey & Randon said...

His little glasses are so cute!

Alisa said...

Oh my goodness that picture of Pearson looking out over the top of his glasses reminded me so much of his daddy when he was little and wore glasses for a while. I remember the days of chasing Matt around the ball park when his daddy played soft ball. Loved it when he got old enough to play in the pile of sand next to the bleachers. I always took lots of sand toys and he shared with all the other little ones at the park and I actually got to watch a little of the game!

Lindsay said...

his sunglasses are so cute!! I love that last picture.