Saturday, April 06, 2013

wedding brunch

This morning we went to my 2nd cousin's wedding.  It was at 10:30 which seemed kind of early for a wedding, but it ended up being great!!  They served brunch which is my favorite!! 
**Don't mind my eyes that are staring off into space.  I was looking at the wrong side of the camera!!

Outside the reception they had waitresses walking around cream cheese iced carrot muffins, ice water, tea, & lemonade.  Inside the reception they had a chicken & waffle station, a scrambled egg station and a yogurt parfait station.  It was all sooooooo yummy!!  I

t was so nice to have a little Saturday brunch date with my hubby and still have the rest of the day to spend time with family!!


Darci said...

Interesting...never been to a wedding that early in the day! But I love the brunch idea!

Lindsay said...

Yum!! I love brunch so a morning wedding like this would be right up my alley!!!