Friday, May 03, 2013

advocare cleanse {day 10}

I drank my last fiber drink and took my last probiotics this morning  then I called it quits with the cleanse!!  Since I ate clean on the day I was sick, I didn't really feel like continuing today for the 11th I didn't!! I treated myself to a delicious Spicy Chicken Biscuit for a late breakfast/early lunch!!
I definitely don't mind eating clean and I will continue to keep clean foods in my diet, but I am not going to feel guilty when I eat bread or sugar or other things that aren't considered "clean".  I feel like I'm missing out when I don't eat them!!!  My goal from here on out will be more of an 70/30 goal.  Eating mostly clean and healthy during the week so we can cheat and eat what we want during the weekend!!

While on the cleanse.....
Matt lost 7 pounds.
I lost 4.6 pounds.
(but remember I did have a stomach bug, too)

And like I said earlier in the week, I really do feel pretty good and my face has definitely cleared up. I'm really happy with our cleanse results. Now if I can just keep those 4.6 pounds off while I'm on our cruise next week.......that will be the real challenge!!


Allie said...

Enjoy the cruise!!! I like your 70/30 plan!! After we try this paleo thing for 30 days ((really trying to see if it helps my PCOS)) then were going to do something similar. I think we will try to allow 2 "cheat" meals a week. The weekends are the hardest! :-P

fancyashstyle said...

Now you can go get that pb shake ;)