Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a kid friendly new year's eve

I'm not usually much of a New Year's Eve person.  It just seems like a pointless holiday to me since I don't like staying up late!! I'm totally okay with hanging out at home with the hubby and even falling asleep before midnight, but this year we decided to host a kid-friendly party for our small group.  
We had four other couples come over for dinner and hanging out.
I made Taco Soup, fruit & fruit dip, chips & salsa, and queso and the other gals brought guacamole and desserts.  Everything was so yummy!!

{Courtney, Paxton & Jack}
{Michelle, David, & Parker}
{Carissa, Joel & Landry}
{Tim & Jenny}
The guys spent most of their time watching football........mainly those good ole Aggies.  Gig 'em!!!
 All the girls spent our time watching our sweet little ones play.  They played so well together.  
We had a talk with Pearson about sharing all of his new toys with his friends before they got here.  I was really nervous he was going to be stingy with all his new toys but he surprisingly did really well sharing.  He had one little incident where he kicked a friend but other than that they all four boys played extremely well together.  Pearson would even get toys out and hand them to a friend.
Once we got all the boys in their jammies we tried putting them all down for bed so the adults could stay up and party til midnight but it didn't quite work out.  
 Just kidding!!! This was the only way we could contain them all to get a picture of them together.
   Before everyone left he talked Tim into reading story with him.  Pearson is obsessed with Tim.  He drives a White Toyota Tacoma and everytime we see one he says, "Hey, Tim's truck."  After Tim left he probably asked 4-5 times, "Where Time go?"  
Let's be honest though, our kid-friendly New Year's Eve party didn't quite make it to midnight.  It began to fizzle around 10pm with our last friends leaving just before 11pm.  Surprisingly, Pearson stayed up until then.  Matt and I rang in the New Year together then we hit the sack shortly after.  This pregnant Mama was tired!!!

resolutions recap

Here were my resolutions/goals from last year.  Let's see how I did.......

1. Quit biting my nails (once and for all).
**I'm almost there.  Prenatal vitamins have been so good for my nails, but for some reason I reserve my middle fingers for "habitual picking".  I'm weird.  If I can just get those two nails grown out I can finally go get myself a manicure.  But 8 outta 10 nails aint to bad.....ha!!

2. Do a Busy Bag Swap with my Mommy friends.
**Check! I did this way back in January or February and actually never blogged about it.  I should probably od that. 

3. Save more, spend less.  
**I think I did better on this, but Matt would probably wouldn't agree.  I really try to ask myself when spending money if we really need this or not.  One area I didn't save much in is our grocery budget.  I have got to get back on track with that.  

4.  Drink more water and less Diet Coke.
**With being pregnant I have definitely drank more water.  I make lots of stops to Sonic for Ice Water. So much so that when Pearson sees a Sonic sign he says "Mommy's Ice Ya-Wer".  However I still drink quite a bit a Diet Coke......not one every single day

5. Go on at least one kid-free date night a month.
**Check!  Parent's Night out for $11 at our church has made this so easy!!  We look forward to the first Friday of every month!!

6.  Start "teaching" Pearson and doing age appropriate activities with him during the day.
**Pearson has made this very easy for me.  He is so teachable and loves to do anything with letters. 

7.  Comment more on blogs I read. 
**I did great at this at the beginning of the year, but when I had to switch to Bloglovin' from Google Reader in July I started slacking.  I do most of my blog reading on my iPhone or iPad and it's just not as easy to comment.  I need to get better at this because I know how much I love comments on my own blog!

8.  Participate in the Bible Reading Plan that our church is doing this year.
**I started out doing great reading our INFUSE devotionals but started to slack this summer when I found out that I was pregnant.  Being consistent in the Word has always been a struggle for me.  Life just gets so busy and I don't make it a priority.  I hope to do better this year. 

9.  Learn to shoot my camera in Manual. 
**I totally failed at this one.  However I hope to figure it out this year because I got a new camera from Matt as a belated "push present" for Pearson and an early "push present" for Nash.  Plus, my sister in law has the same camera and she's really gotten good at shooting in manual with her camera.  I'll have to take some lessons from her!!

10.  Digital scrapbook 2013.
**I decided that my blog is scrapbook enough for me!  I just don't have time right now to anything more.  I'm thankful I have been able to keep up with our lives on this little ole blog for 5 years now!!

Stay tuned for my 2014 goals!!

checkin' on baby nash

Pearson's last day of preschool before Christmas was on December 10th and he doesn't go back to school until 9th.  When I first saw how long his break was I was a little sad because we have really gotten into a great routine with him going to school 2 days a week, but I have SO enjoy this special time with my little man.  In just seven weeks he won't be my only little man and I'll have to split my time with boys.  One of the luxuries of having Pearson is school is being about to go to appointments (whether they be doctor's appointment or hair appointments or what not) without him.  While he has been on break I have had two doctor's appointments.  The first appointment my Mom came with me so we could go shopping but this time it was just me and my boy!!

Waiting time at an OB office is always sooooooooo unpredictable.  You never know when the doc is going to have to deliver a baby or take care of an emergency!  I absolutely loved my old OB but one thing about her office was that she was really slow.  I was always at the office for about an hour.  With my new doctor, I am always in and out in 30 minutes.  I packed plenty of tricks in P's diaper bag just in case the wait was longer than 30 minutes.  

We had a snack in the waiting room.  
{craisins & yogurt raisins......a fav right now}
 While we waiting in the exam room we played with cars and a sticker book.  
And when Dr. Harn came in I busted out the iPad because I knew that would keep him out of our way!! While the iPad did keep his attention the whole time Pearson did look up when I told Dr. Harn about my belly pain and said "Mommy be-wee hurt", then he looked up again while we listened to Nash's heartrate.  He was mesmerized by the sound......atleast he wasn't scared like the first appointment he went to way back in August. 
After our doctor's appointment we picked up Matt at his office and had a family lunch date.  It's been so much fun having Matt's office closer to home and on the way home from my doctor's appointments. We tried out a new restaurant near his office called Uno Due Go.  It wasn't bad but I probably wouldn't go again.  The soup/sandwich combo I got was very similar to what I get at Panera Bread and I would much rather have my Panera Bread sandwich.  
It's hard to believe that there are only 7 more weeks until Baby Nash is here.  We are now at the 2 week increment doctor's appointments and then my weekly visits start at the end of next month.    

Monday, December 30, 2013

all caught up

I just hate getting behind on my blog.  Once I get a little bit behind it seems like I always get way behind.  I'm glad to have 2013 all caught up and on the blog.   Here's what we've been up to for the last few weeks.......

I'm ready for 2014, how about you??

meal planning monday

Monday: Chicken Parmesan, Caesar Salad & Garlic Knots

Tuesday: Taco Soup @ Our NYE Party

Wednesday Breakfast: Banana Pancakes & Bacon

Wednesday Lunch: Edamame & Black Bean Salad

Wednesday: Meatloaf Meatballs, Black Eyed Peas, Cornbread

Thursday: Italian Sausage & Tortellini Soup

Friday: Talapia with Shrimp Bayou Sauce, Rice & Zuchinni

Saturday Breakfast: Cinnamon Baked French Toast

Saturday Lunch: Leftovers

Saturday Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie & Salad

Sunday Lunch: Veggie Quesadillas

Sunday Dinner: Steak Fingers, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits & Gravy

Sunday, December 29, 2013

a meaningful christmas

This year I participated in "A Meaningful Christmas" with a group of girls from my church.  

I started to write a blog post all about it, but my friend (and owner of Dallas Moms Blog), Krystal at The T-Shirt Mama wrote an awesome post all about it last year.  I'll just let you take a look at her blog to read all about it!  

I mainly wanted to post pictures of all of my ornaments so you'll have ideas for ornaments if ever decide to participate in "A Meaningful Christmas".  I searched google and Pinterest for ornament ideas but didn't find much when I was making mine. 

My ornament is Day 5!!
Day 1: Alpha & Omega
Day 2: The Trinity
Day 3: Creation
Day 4: Love
Day 5: Believe
Day 6: Bethlehem
Day 7: Promises
Day 8: Mary is Chosen
Day 9: Trusting God
Day 10: Immanuel
Day 11: Having a Good Attitude
Day 12: No Room in the Inn
Day 13: Born in a Manger
Day 14: The Shepherds Were Afraid
Day 15: Go and Tell
Day 16: Wise men
Day 17: The Greatest Gift
Day 18: The Word
Day 19: The Good Shepherd
Day 20: The Vine
Day 21: The Light of the World
Day 22: The Bread of Life
Day 23: The Way, the Truth, the Life
Day 24: The Lamb of God

While the devotions were still over Pearson's head this year, we did enjoy putting an ornament on Pearson's tree in his room every night.  I'm already looking forward to pulling these ornaments out again next year and really doing the devotionals with him!!  It's such a fun and cute way to teach him the true meaning of Christmas. 

baby no. 2 {32 weeks}

how far along? 32 weeks
how are you measuring? measuring right on track
size of baby? size of a jicama
heartbeat? 142bpm (at our 30 week appointment) 
total weight gain/loss? 26lbs.....I might have eaten a little too much this week.  Too much good food!! 
maternity clothes? Yep.  I had to move up a bra size because I'm busting out of my regular ones.  I'm still loving my maternity uniform of maternity skinny jeans, a maternity shirt, non-maternity cardigan and a scarf.  I've worn a scarf in the last 4 or 5 weekly pics.  They have made me still feel stylish while wearing maternity clothes. 
stretch marks? I haven't been good about lotioning up this week but I still haven't spotted any new stretch marks and I can barely see the few that I got from Pearson.  
sleep? The week has been crazy.  I am now getting up three times a night to go to the bathroom.  Most nights I go to bed in pain because of the odd belly pain at the top of my belly. It goes away at some point during the night but it's replaced with my sciatic nerve hurting in my left butt cheek.  Fun times.  Plus, I've spent about 3 night this week partially sleeping on the couch.  Matt's had a head cold and has been snoring like crazy so when I can't get him to stop I move to the couch.  But I'm totally fine sleeping on the couch because it actually seems to help with my sciatic nerve and I sleep well on the couch too.  
best moment this week? Celebrating our last Christmas as a family of three.  It was so fun experience Christmas through Pearson this year.  He loved every bit of it. 
movement? Yes!! All the time.  I'm not sure when he sleeps.
food cravings? Nothing really specific this week.  I had so many delicious Christmas goodies that I didn't really have to crave anything.  I need to put myself on a diet for the rest of my pregnancy or I will be well on my way to gain more than I did with Pearson.  
gender predictions? BOY!!!! Nash Matthew Link
what i miss? I really miss being able to be productive.  
what i'm looking forward to? Getting the walls decorated in Nash's room and starting to nest!!
how are you feeling? My belly pain was awful this week because I was up on my feet so much.  Christmas day was the worst.  I was hurting all day long starting about 9:30.  No fun at all.  
comparisons to last pregnancy? I feel like I am gaining weight in all the wrong places this go round, my boobs, my butt, my cheeks, my chin and my legs.  Blah!  I really thought that I wouldn't stress about gaining weight this pregnancy because I gained 40lbs with Pearson and then lost 45lbs easily afterwards.  But I still stress about it.  Gaining weight is just not fun even when you are growing a baby.  I've heard losing baby #2 weight is hard but I'm praying it just falls off like it did with Pearson.  

Here I am 32 weeks with Pearson and 32 weeks with Nash

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

christmas day

I'm so thankful that both of our families live close and we can always have Christmas morning at our own home!!
In true toddler fashion, Pearson walked right past his big Santa gift and went straight for his stocking.  
 Who needs a scooter when you can have 14 cent matchbox cars. 
 Once he was finished opening his stocking we got him to notice his scooter and he loves it.  It's so cute to hear him say "I scoot!"
 Before we opened any presents he helped both of us open our stockings.  
 Pearson loved opening up his three presents.  After he unwrapped each present he would say "Oh wow....wus dat" before he would even open the box.  He loved all of his presents but wasn't even interested in playing with anything because he was ready to help us open our presents.  
 I loved having a littler helper open my presents with me. 
 After all of our presents were opened we headed outside for a bit to test out Pearson's new scooter.  He knew just what to do!!  I think we are going to have  alot of fun with his new scooter. 
 Our normal Christmas morning tradition is to have a big breakfast just the three of us, but this year we just had banana bread and chai tea lattes because we went to my grandma's house for brunch.  I missed having our normal big breakfast but it sure was nice to not have to spend any time in the kitchen this year!!
Oh man y'all, this stupid belly pain that I have been having was like The Grinch that Stole Christmas.  I only have two pictures to show for our afternoon/evening on Christmas.  Normally I don't start hurting until later in the afternoon or evening after being up and about alot, but today the pain started around 9:30am and never really went away.  I was pretty miserable on Christmas day so I didn't really get any good pictures after we left our house.  So sad.  I need to train Matt to take more pictures for me!!

Pearson got a cool remote control car at Oma's house after we had brunch.  
 After brunch we headed home nap time then headed to Matt's sister's house for Christmas with his side of the family.
We had lots of yummy appetizers, played on the girls new XBoxOne, watched the little ones play, ate a delicious dinner,  enjoyed opening gifts together, and of course play some Mexican Train!!  I'm just so sad that I didn't get any pictures of our time together.  Next year I WILL be better!!

merry christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

playing santa claus

After Pearson went to bed Matt and I got to play Santa Claus!!

We nibbled on some Christmas cookies baked by our favorite little one.....
.......and Matt put together Pearson's scooter while I stuffed his stocking.  
There are so many ways to do Santa.  Santa, at our house, will always bring our kids their "main gift" (unwrapped) and stocking stuffers.  All presents under the tree are from Mommy & Daddy, not Santa!!  I want to get some credit for giving them some gifts....ha!!  This year we limited our presents to only three.  He gets so much from family that there is really no need to go overboard.

How do you do Santa at your house?

christmas at lolly & pops

We started our Christmas Eve at church with my family.  One of my favorite tradition is going to the candlelight service each year.  Pearson enjoyed "singing praises to God" with us.  After each song he would say "I yike dat song!" I love that he is truly learning the real meaning of Christmas.  I hope he always remembers that Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Savior and not about what Santa brings us or how many presents we get.

For as long as I can remember we have celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve.  Even when we were kids we would always open presents as a family on Christmas Eve (after we didn't believe in Santa) so we could sleep in on Christmas morning!! 
I just love the little matching outfits that Mom made for the kids this year!  Pearson called it his "tire" shirt instead of his tie shirt. 
Since we had been opening a new book every night for the past 24 nights and then had Christmas at Nonnie's house the night before, Pearson knew just what to do with all the presents at Lolly & Pops house!!
He got some cool gifts from them including some power tools and tool bag.  He was so sweet telling them Thank You!!
Once he was finished opening gifts, he ran off to play with one of his new trucks and trailers while the adults opening gifts.  
Dad is always so hard to surprise for Christmas but Mom and I pulled off a surprise for him and got him an iPad.  It wasn't actually from me, it was from my Mom, but I had to help her pick it out and buy it online!!
My big gift from my parents this year was a Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I can't wait to get in the kitchen with my little helper!!

After presents with my family, my Dad's side of the family came over for dinner and more gifts.  I got really lazy with the picture taking and didn't take a single one because my belly was really starting to hurt from being up and moving so much.  

Monday, December 23, 2013

the eve of christmas eve

On the Eve of Christmas Eve as I like to call it, we celebrated with my Mom's side of the family at Nonnie's house.  We had lots of yummy finger food, chili and an abundance of desserts.  This year my Aunt Phyllis planned lots of fun games for us to play throughout the night.  We had a great time with our family eating, playing games and opening gifts.  

And here's an abundance of  pictures to prove it!!

Pearson has my cousin, Kennedy wrapped around his little finger.  He could get her to do anything for him!
 He loves my cousin Ashton too! He mainly loves all the attention they give him!
 One of the games we played you won a dollar when you guessed the character on your back. 
 Carson showing all the cousins his iPod. 
I love this guy!! 
Getting a family picture with a 2 year old is not that easy!!  This wasn't what I was going for, but I love it!!
 This was the best we could get for the night!
 My uncle Richard and his fiancĂ© Jo.  They got engaged the night before.  We just love her and are so happy for her to be a part of our family. 
 My sweet aunt Phyllis and cousin Walter.  I can't believe how big all of my cousins are getting.  He just got accepted to LSU and will be attending there in the fall. 
 I just love how these two sweet cousins have starting getting along and playing together.  They definitely have their moments when they fight but they really do love each other. 
 Kennedy teaching Pearson the art of selfies.  
 Nonnie, Lolly and Pearson.  I should have popped into this picture and it would have been four generations. 
Not a good picture at all but I thought it was so funny that both kids have their fingers in their nose.  
 Nonnie gave me a gift certificate to get my house cleaned before Baby Nash arrives!! Best gift ever!!
Carson got a DJ table from Nonnie.  Pearson and Carson were putting on a show for us.   
After Pearson opened all of his presents he had to help everyone else open theirs.  
 Love my Mom & Dad!
Lolly & Pops and all three of their little blessings.   
I can't wait to add Nash to this crazy bunch next year!!