Sunday, December 29, 2013

a meaningful christmas

This year I participated in "A Meaningful Christmas" with a group of girls from my church.  

I started to write a blog post all about it, but my friend (and owner of Dallas Moms Blog), Krystal at The T-Shirt Mama wrote an awesome post all about it last year.  I'll just let you take a look at her blog to read all about it!  

I mainly wanted to post pictures of all of my ornaments so you'll have ideas for ornaments if ever decide to participate in "A Meaningful Christmas".  I searched google and Pinterest for ornament ideas but didn't find much when I was making mine. 

My ornament is Day 5!!
Day 1: Alpha & Omega
Day 2: The Trinity
Day 3: Creation
Day 4: Love
Day 5: Believe
Day 6: Bethlehem
Day 7: Promises
Day 8: Mary is Chosen
Day 9: Trusting God
Day 10: Immanuel
Day 11: Having a Good Attitude
Day 12: No Room in the Inn
Day 13: Born in a Manger
Day 14: The Shepherds Were Afraid
Day 15: Go and Tell
Day 16: Wise men
Day 17: The Greatest Gift
Day 18: The Word
Day 19: The Good Shepherd
Day 20: The Vine
Day 21: The Light of the World
Day 22: The Bread of Life
Day 23: The Way, the Truth, the Life
Day 24: The Lamb of God

While the devotions were still over Pearson's head this year, we did enjoy putting an ornament on Pearson's tree in his room every night.  I'm already looking forward to pulling these ornaments out again next year and really doing the devotionals with him!!  It's such a fun and cute way to teach him the true meaning of Christmas.