Tuesday, January 14, 2014

bouncin' boys

Saturday afternoon Pearson was invited to a birthday party for a little boy in his preschool class.  It was at a bounce place in town.  Pearson has been talking about Logan's birthday all week long but as soon as he got there he was really shy and didn't really know what to think of all of the inflatables.
Before he warmed up to the inflatables he played a little air hockey with Daddy. 
One of his little buddies, Poe, joined him for some air hockey too.  
After Pearson saw some of Logan's cousins running around and playing in the inflatables, he decided to check it out.  
It didn't take him long to realize it was pretty fun bouncing around!!
I loved seeing him play with his best little buddy, Logan.  He talks about him non-stop at home and all evening if he couldn't see him, he would say "Where Logan go?"  Such sweet little buds. 
He was so cute playing with two of his other friends (twins) from school, Poe and Sai.  They were singing Ring Around the Rosie and then all falling down on the inflatable.  So cute!!
His favorite thing was definitely the slide.  He went up and down it more times than I could count. 
They bounced for about an hour and a half.  He was worn out!!
After all the bouncing the boys enjoyed some snacks and fruit…..
…….and of course birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Logan!!
Sadly, Pearson woke up with a fever the next morning and then on Monday we found out he had strep.   While we were there I was actually thinking how germy the place probably was and I was right.  We took some of those nasty germs home.  I'm just thankful it was just strep and not the flu.  Pearson is on the mend though and will hopefully be all back to normal tomorrow.