Sunday, September 07, 2014

nash {7 months}

This post is long over due.  I have had the pictures taken since he turned 7 months on September 7th, but I am sadly just now getting around to posting all the details. Sorry 2nd child!! If you would sleep better, maybe Mommy wouldn't be so tired!!
Dear Sweet Nash-
Oh little buddy, this hasn't been our best month.  My little baby that slept all the time is officially gone.  While your sleeping has been terrible this month, thankfully you are still the sweetest, smiliest, happy baby ever.  You are such a go with the flow kinda baby and will just be on whatever schedule I need you to be on during the day.  We love you sweet boy, even if you don't sleep through the night anymore!!
Ugh, we are still struggling in the sleep department.  I should have never complained about a 6:30 wake up time because for most of this month you woke up during the 5:00 plus woke up at least once during the night.  I really think your bad sleeping is because you are teething.  You tooth finally popped through towards the end of the month and now we have had a semi decent week of sleep.  You are still waking up at 6am on the dot but at least you aren't waking up in the middle of the night.  Most nights when you do wake up I am having to feed you, and that is just ridiculous because you definitely don't need the extra calories.  After the first two weeks of terrible sleep I decided to go ahead and quit swaddling you.  You were waking up in the night busted out and then could fall back asleep on your back.  I am breaking all the rules and let you sleep on your tummy even though you can roll both ways.   Naptimes have also been a nightmare this month.  I have no idea when nap time should be because you wake up at different times each days and sometimes even fall back asleep in our bed after I nurse you first thing in the morning.  Sadly, you have also started taking the dreaded 45 minute naps.  I just can't seem to get you over that hump.  Overall it's just been a terrible month of sleep and this mama is just plum tired.  I am still rocking you for bedtime and both naps, but that is going to have to stop next month.  We are about to do some major sleep training and crying it out. 
This month I was really trying to get you on a 4 hour nursing schedule but with your waking up so early we are really still nursing 5 times a day (sometimes 6 if you wake up in the night.) A typical day is usually 5:00, 8:30, 12:00, 3:00, 7:00. You get a bottle of breastmilk at least once a week when Daddy keeps you or on Wednesday nights at church.  We introduced a lot of foods this month and we haven't really found anything you don't like.  We introduced a new food every other day or every few days just to make sure you didn't have any reactions.  You have had bananas, apples, prunes, pears, mangos, peaches, squash, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  I think your favorites are mangos and squash.  With Pearson I slowly moved to 3 meals a day but since I'm already feeding Pearson 3 times a day I go ahead and feed you 3 times too.  It's just smaller portions.  I usually give you a little oatmeal and half of a fruit for breakfast,  a half of a veggie and the leftover fruit for lunch, then a veggie and a little rice cereal for dinner.
New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
You are an official sitter.  Right before you turned 7 months you started sitting really well.  I still put a pillow behind you because you tump over every now and then.  You are totally capable of rolling over from your tummy to your back, you just rarely do it.  You are happy doing tummy time so you just stay on your tummy.  You are starting to babble lots of sweet little sounds.  No real consonants, mainly just high pitched screeching! You are so close to being able to put your paci in your mouth.  Smiling at everyone is one of your favorite things to do.  You also love to giggle at big brother.
You love your paci, your teething toys, the Johnny Jumper, the Jumperoo, and laughing at your big brother.  You love eating, playing with your hanging toy in your carseat, when we throw you in the air, and being rocked to sleep.  
Sleeping (again this month), when brother knocks you down, when we lay you on the changing table, 
Other Random Facts:
  • You first tooth came in on the bottom and it is sharp!
  • Solids changed your pooping! Thanks the Lord.  TMI….but it instantly made it more solid and no more blow outs!!
  • You don't sleep in the nursery at church anymore but the teachers always say that you are so sweet. 
  • You started sitting in a high chair when we go out to eat and you do great! 
  • You are sooooooo heavy.  You clothes really hide a lot of your chunkiness.  You have rolls under rolls under rolls.  
  • Honestly, I have been so tired this month from our lack of sleep that I didn't jot down many notes of what went on this month.  Hopefully next month will have more info!!

6 month Stats
Weight: 20ish pounds
Length: ??
Head Circumference: ??
Eating: nursing exclusively around 5:00, 8:30, 12:00, 3:00, 7:00 and eating 3 meals a day around 7, 11 and 6.
Bedtime: around 7:30pm
Awake: in the 5:00 hour but totally unpredictable
Naps: 2 45min-1hr naps (who knows's different every day)
Diapers: size 3 
Clothes: 12 month hand-me downs 

 Here is Pearson at 7 months and Nash at 7 months.

Look how you have changed!!


Alisa said...

7 months looks very good on our precious Nash. That smile of his melts my heart. I love his chunkiness