Saturday, February 28, 2015


We aren't huge Valentine's Day celebrators, but I do like to get the boys a little something.  I like it to be practical so this year I got them some matching PJ's!  Matt and I just get each other cards and I always request to not cook dinner!! He doesn't have to take me out anywhere fancy, I'm happy with take out or even fast food.  I just don't want to have to fight a crowd!!
Valentine's slipped up on me this year and I didn't get around to having my Mom make them shirts.  I dug up a hand me down shirt from Carson for Pearson and put Nash is red to match.  I just love these two sweet boys so much!!
My Dad was out of town for Valentine's Day so my Mom decided to have a little Valentine's Party for the big grandkids. Nash will have to wait a few years before he gets invited!!  The first thing she had planned for them was to hop on the hearts to the party.  Pearson called it "hot chalk".  He thought it was hop scotch!
Lolly had the table all set up for a super fun party.  Pearson was so excited!!

While Pearson was at the party, Matt and I (and our little third wheel) slipped away for an early dinner. 
We went to Frankie's right down the street from our house.  We walked right in with no wait, but when we left there was a ton of people waiting.  Going to dinner at 5pm on Valentine's Day was the smart thing to do!!
Our little third wheel was quite the ham at dinner time.  He was flirting with everyone around us.  He was for us as long as we kept the goldfish coming!!  
Thanks Lolly for planning such a fun party for the big cousins! I know they all had a blast!!


Alisa said...

The pictures of the boys together are so sweet!