Tuesday, March 03, 2015

start your engines….

This past Sunday I had such a fun evening taking Pearson to a Mommy & Little Guy event at my parent's church.  They hosted a Daddy/Daughter Tea for all the preschool girls around Valentine's Day so this was the big event for all the little boys.  It was so fun to spend a little one on one time with my favorite little 3 year old guy.  

The theme of the evening was "Start Your Engines".  All the decor and actives were perfect for my car loving dude.  They had a cute little Photo Booth set up when we first came in.  I haven't gotten our picture we took yet, so I'll have to post it later.  

We started off the evening by getting a tattoo.  He was excited about getting a tattoo, but his eyes were on the bounce house that we were going to do later.  
 He was so proud.  I think that this was his first tattoo.  
 Our next stop was decorating our wooden car to race at the track.  Again, his eyes were still on the bounce house.
 They had to coolest race track set up for the little cars all the boys colored.  Pearson was only patient enough to do it once, because he was ready to bounce!!
Pearson spent the majority of the evening going up and down the bounce house slide.  I didn't mind one bit because I ran into a few old high school friends and enjoyed chatting with them while our boys burnt off some energy!!
 The only way I got Pearson to come off the slide was to offer him a cookie and popcorn…..two of his favorite things!!
 Yum! Yum!!
 What a fun night with just me a my little guy!!