Saturday, May 02, 2015

going away party

Before we moved our ABF threw us a Going Away Party.  It was originally supposed to be pizza in the park but the park we had planned on going to was flooded because of all the rain we got in April and May.  We ended up having it at The Hjertstedt's house and it was wonderful.  We all had a great time eating pizza & cake, blowing bubbles, playing in a bounce house and just enjoying the nice spring weather with our friends.  
 {We all laughed at the typo the bakery made on the cake.  It was supposed to say "We'll Miss the Link Family"}
Springtime is so busy so over half of our class wasn't able to make it.  
We are thankful for each and everyone in our class and for the wonderful friendships that we made in the Honeymooners/Purpose class.