Saturday, May 16, 2015

moving in

We arrived in Tyler Thursday May 14th.  Pearson stayed back with my parents so he could go to his last day of school and Matt, Nash and I drove (separately) to Tyler for our closing in the afternoon.  We stopped at Shoemaker and hart for my favorite Chai Tea Latte for the road one last time before moving.  
My parents picked Pearson up from school then headed to Tyler later in the day.  We had lunch at an amazing barbecue place here in Tyler, Stanley's, then went to close on our new house.  When we arrived at our house, the previous owners had left the sweetest gift……some Tyler roses and a Tyler candle.  The scent was even Homecoming.  So sweet!!
After we signed closing papers, Matt and I quickly got to work painting Pearson's room so we would have it all done before the movers got there the next morning.  I would have loved that have Nash's room painted but I knew we wouldn't have time so we didn't even try.  
 Pearson stayed in the camper with my parents while the rest of us stayed at the hotel.  I don't know what it is about my kids, but they sleep terrible at hotels!
It was forecasted to start pouring when our movers were supposed to arrive, but God watched out for us because the rain miraculously stayed away from us. The movers arrive around 9am and finished unloading around 3pm.  It starting pouring as we were signing papers to send them away. 
My Mom, Dad, Matt and I worked out tails off Friday through Monday.  While Mom and I were unpacking boxes and finding new homes for everything, my Dad and Matt were changing out all the gold door knobs to oil rubbed bronze levers and putting in new ceiling fans.  They also changed out all of the gold in the guest bathroom and changed a few knobs in the our built-ins.  I was shocked that Mom and I were able to unload literally every single box while they were here.

On our last morning together, we had a pancake breakfast then got to work hanging up all the stuff on the walls in the boys room.
Pearson's room was all finished except for the valences being hung up.

And Nash's room was all finished except for a paint job on the walls.
 I am so incredibly thankful for all that my parents did in helping us move in.  I am also incredibly thankful that they were able to spend a long 5 days with us here in Tyler.  Because of my Dad's accident and stroke I don't know when, if ever, my parents will be able to come see us in Tyler again.

After my parents left we spend the next 3 days doing nothing because we were so tired from moving in.  On Friday, Matt's parents came and stayed with us for the weekend.  We were able to get some closets organized and work on a few other projects around the house.  
We are so blessed to have this home.  We love it and look forward to all the wonderful memories our family will make in it.