Tuesday, September 02, 2014

pearson's 1st day of 3K preschool

Today was Pearson's 1st Day of 3 Year Old Preschool.  
My little goofball was so confused that he was going back to his old school but his teachers weren't going to be Mrs. Elayne and Mrs. Teresa.  
We had such an amazing year at Learning Academy Preschool last year.  We are excited for another year of learning and fun with Mrs. Dawn and Mrs. Beth or as Pearson says, Mr. Dawn and Mr. Beth.  
I asked Pearson what he was excited to do at school and he said, "PLAY"!!
I was a little nervous about drop off today because he has had a hard time transitioning to his new class at church, but you can tell by this picture that he was very excited to be back at school.  
I prayed that he would be able to walk right in and feel like he was at home and let me drop him off with no tears.  God answered my prayers! He wouldn't even hold my hand on the way in.  He was Mr. Independent ready to go to school.  
His teachers helped him find his cubby to put his things away and get his name tag, then he gave me a big hug and kiss and he was off.  
My big boy got right to work on his table activity and just looked at the little boy that was crying like he was crazy! I just love that he feels so at home at his school.  I pray that he has a wonderful year with Mrs. Beth and Mrs. Dawn, that he builds lots of great friendships and learns lots of new things.  
And this post wouldn't be compete without a good ole comparison picture.