Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

Thursday, October 29, 2009

rockin' out with the honeymooners

Our church had its Fall Festival last night. It was a blast. I think our Guitar Hero Station was a huge hit.
I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the massive amount of pictures. I just couldn't choose, there were so many good ones. And I wanted you all to get the full effect of the awesomeness of our station!!

The guys worked so hard on building and painting the set. I think it turned out perfect. Thanks Dad for making the trusses for our set! You're the best!!
It was even better when it got dark because you could see the Guitar Hero game on the screen.
I'm pretty sure only a handful of people noticed that these weren't real speakers. They are cardboard boxes spray painted black with pictures of speakers on the front.
Our friend Todd printed the speakers, the Honeymooners Guitar Hero logo at the top of the post, and our backstage passes that we passed out to the kids. Some of the kids were really scared of us, and would not take a backstage pass. Lots of the kids thought that if you took a backstage pass you had to play Guitar Hero on the stage.

Meet all "The Honeymooner Rockers".....

Matt & Justin
Me, Johanna & Jenny
Cheryl & Tom
Our very own Beatle, Jared
Me & Cheryl
Brittany & Ryan aka: Sonny & Cher
Denise & Chase, our Pop Stars...Miley Cyrus & Kevin Jonas
David & Michelle
Our guitar tech, Jenny
Justin & Joey
Me & Matt
Angela, Emaline, and Gene Simmons.......I mean George!!
Me & sweet Emaline
And our bouncer, Eric making sure no one was getting to crazy!!
George was definitely the hit of the night. Todd printed pictures for him to autograph. A lot of the kids had no idea he wasn't the real deal. They would walk up and say "My name is So&So, can I have your autograph!"
He definitely had the facials down too!!
Did I mention that he is our Sunday School teacher?? Haha!! He had to get his costume approved by the church staff!!
One of my students came and saw me. I introduced him to my husband and his response was, "Mmmmm Okaaaay." I'm not sure he was impressed with my "rocker husband."
All our crazy husbands!!
The whole night was a group effort. It definitely wouldn't have been possible without all these awesome people!!
So until next Fall Festival ROCK ON!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the classroom beats the courtroom any day

What is inside of a pumpkin?
Pasketti & Beans of course.

That's what one of my students told me when we carved a pumpkin today.

Oh, and one of my kids was in a wedding this weekend and he told me he was the "Ring Bear!!"

I sure do love my kiddos!! They make me so happy!!

I was definitely glad to be back in the classroom today rather than sitting in the courtroom all day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

jury duty

I had never had jury duty before, so I wasn't totally sure what to expect. I was hoping I would go in, not get chosen and be off to do a little shopping on my "day off".

Not quite though.

Here's where I spent my entire day.
I arrived at the courthouse at 8:30. After watching a video and a powerpoint, the county clerk said that we were now playing the "waiting game" until someone came and got us. At 10am, the clerk began to call names. Of course my name was called. As I waited in the hall for the bailiff, the clerk let everyone else go home. All but 70 people got released at 10am. I was one of the lucky ones that got to stay longer.

From 10-12:15 we listen to one lawyer question us. It was a child abuse case. We broke for lunch from 12:15-1:45 and from 1:45-3:30. I thought we were done at 3:30, but we all had to sit out in the hall to wait and see who they decided on for the jury.

Luckily, I didn't get picked!!

meal planning monday

Monday: Swiss Stuffing Chicken

Tuesday: Crab Triangles & Soup

Wednesday: Fall Festival @ The Heights

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie

Friday: Steamfresh Pasta Bag & Garlic Bread

Saturday Breakfast: Cream Cheese & Sausage Roll Ups

Saturday Lunch: Snack Lunch

Saturday Dinner: Biscuit Pizzas

Sunday Lunch: BLT's, Chips, & Fruit

Sunday Dinner: Nachos

Sunday, October 25, 2009

work day

We spent the afternoon getting ready for our Fall Festival Booth. It's going to be amazing!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

baylor homecoming

My parents, Matt and I woke up really early today to drive down to Waco for Baylor Homecoming. Matt and my Mom both graduated from Baylor.
We arrived in Waco just in time for the parade.
The floats in the parade were pretty amazing. We stopped by the KOT (Matt's fraternity) float, and took a picture with it because it won first place. The theme for the float was "The Jungle Book."
While we were in Waco, I think we ran into almost all the Baylor people I know. It felt like such a small world. We saw some of our friends from church, Matt's old roommates, friends from our Sunday School class at our old church, and my friend I teach with.

Matt's roommate Jason and his wife Amber
Me and Tara, my friend from our old church

After the parade we dropped Matt off at the football game. I decided to skip out on that one. My parents and I went and ate at Fazoli's and stopped at all the local bookstores. I actually bought a Baylor shirt for myself. I thought since I was a bad wife and didn't sit through the Baylor game this week, that I would be a good wife and wear a Baylor shirt when we go to the game at Cowboy Stadium in a couple of weeks.

After driving all over town, all day long, we stopped at Ninfa's for dinner. We ended our day in Waco at Pigskin Revue. Pigskin was definitely my favorite part of the day!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

costume ideas

Next Wednesday Matt and I will be working at our church Fall Festival. The theme this year is "Get Your Game On". Each ABF is supposed to come up with a theme for their station. The theme has to be a children's game. Everything has to go with the game your ABF chooses. The costume, the set-up, the game the kids play, and the prize will all be focused around that particular children's game.

As you can see, our class chose to do Guitar Hero.

Fall Festival is next Wednesday, and I don't have anything for our costumes.

I desperately need some ideas. Do you have any suggestions for a Guitar Hero/Rocker costume??

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

grandma & meal planning to the rescue

I had stew on my menu tonight, but that didn't quite work out. My meat was not getting cooked quick enough. I called my grandma all frustrated, and she came over to help!! She offered to take the meat with her and pressure cook it so we can eat it tomorrow. Thanks Nonnie!!

So at 6:00 I had to come up with a new plan for dinner. Thanks goodness I meal plan!!

I was able to whip up our Wednesday meal in no time, and still leave on time for Matt's softball game. We had Southwestern Chicken & Bacon Wraps and they were delicious.
This recipe was orginally from my friend Jodi, but I tweaked it a little bit to make it my own. We think they taste a lot like Tin Star Club Tacos.

Here is my version of the recipe....

Homemade Salsa
Kroger tortillas
(Any tortillas will do, I just love these!!)
Pre-Cooked Bacon
Grilled Chicken Tenders
(I season with Fajita seasoning.)
(You can use real avocados, I just think this is easier!!)
lime juice
Fresh Cilantro

I don't measure anything in this recipe.

Stir together salsa and corn. Set aside.

Make avocado lime sauce by combining the entire Wholly Guacamole pack, a couple squirts of lime juice, a spoonful of mayo, and a small bunch of chopped cilantro. Top warm torillas with lettuce, bacon, chicken strips and top with avocado lime sauce and corn salsa.

Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm!!! Enjoy!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

kindergarten funnies

My kids have been so funny lately. Here's some of things I've heard in Room K-15!!


Boy: I know someone who has the "wine flu."


Me: Our color of the week is brown. Can you name some things that are brown?
Girl: You're hair is brown.
Boy: My Dad has brown hair.
Little Boy 2: My Dad is really hairy.
Little Boy 3: Oh my Dad is really hairy. He has lots of hair on his back.


Boy 1: I live in W, Texas.
Boy 2: No way, I live in W, Texas too. I had no idea you lived in W, Texas.

Boy 2 then proceeds to write his phone number so Boy 1 can call him to come over to play. It's a small world at our school. Apparently everyone that goes to our school lives in the same town!!


Me: The color of the week is black. Can you name some things that are brown?

Girl: A bomb.

Me: Uhhhh....what made you think of that??

Girl: That picture on the wall. (She was looking at my bulletin board of colors. She saw a black bowling ball and thought it was a bomb!)


Me: Chickens give us eggs. Sheep give us wool. Cows give us milk. Did you know that goat make good milk too?

Girl: One time I had some bad milk and it gave me diarrhea.


Me: So what are you doing this weekend?
Boy: Probably going to the gym.
Me: What gym do you go to?
Boy: Oh just the gym that has the 2 and the 4.
Me: 24 Hr Fitness
Boy: Ya, that one.
Me: I work out there.
Boy: Awesome. Do you bring your son with you?
Me: Well, I don't have a son?
Boy: (very confused) Why not? My Mom has a son.


Don't forget to scroll down (past Meal Planning Monday) to see my weekend posts!!

meal planning monday

Meal Planning Monday is finally. For the last 3 weeks, we have been eating food people brought to me while I was sick, eating out, or eating whatever I could quickly put together. I am so ready to be organized and on top of things again. I love meal planning because it's so nice to come home and know exactly what I'm going to cook and I know I have all the ingredients to cook it.

So here's what we are having this week.

Monday: Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas (Thanks Johanna!!)

Tuesday: Stew & Cornbread

Wednesday: Southwestern Chicken & Bacon Wraps, Chips & Salsa

Thursday: Chicken Salad and Chips

Friday: Barbeque Chicken, Fried Squash, and Curly Fries

Saturday Breakfast: BAYLOR Homecoming

Saturday Lunch: BAYLOR Homecoming

Saturday Dinner: BAYLOR Homecoming

Sunday Lunch: Last Sunday Lunch w/ our ABF

Sunday Dinner: Twice Baked Potatoes & Fruit Salad

I'll be catching up on some blogging from this weekend later this afternoon. So be sure to stop back by!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

babies, babies, babies

First off, we are NOT having a baby.

They were just all over the place today. My old roommate even e-mailed me to tell me that she had a dream that I was pregnant
It all started off by working in Joyland (the nursery at our church). Matt and I work in a 2 year old class once a month. I just love playing with our little kiddos. They are at such a fun age.

After church I went to a baby shower for Kristin. Baby Bryson is due to arrive on December 21st. I just love baby showers!! It always give me a slight baby fever.

After the shower, my sister-in-law Ashley, called last minute to see if I could babysit Carson. Of course I said yes. I don't get to babysit him very often because my Mom always gets first dibs when Ashley needs a babysitter. We had so much fun!!

Carson was sooooo excited to go on a walk!!
I was super excited to go on a walk too. I hadn't worked out at all since I was sick so, it felt good to get a little exercise.
We were being silly before we left for our walk.
I hooked Izzie on the handle of the stroller, and Carson held onto the leash the entire walk. I really think he was walking her. He laughed every time her leash got tangled in the wheel or she barked at other dogs. It was hilarious!!

After our walk we came back and played in the backyard with Izzie. Carson sat on the step like a big boy and ate some cheerios and drank some milk. He was quite a happy boy!!
He even shared some Cheerio crumbs with Izzie.
And now you see why the title of this post was "babies, babies, babies"!