Tuesday, July 31, 2012

photo a day {july}

I'm a little behind with my photos this month.  I'll get the rest posted when I get them all put into Phonto  & Instagram!!
But until then, I'll be working on August!!


hawaiian falls

After our fun morning at the petting zoo yesterday, we headed over to Hawaiian Falls to meet Ashley, Carson, & Olivia.
Ashley has season passses but she had a buddy pass for us to use so we got in for free!!

We had so much fun!!

Pearson had so much fun exploring and climbing up all of the steps in the play area.

We even slid down a little slide together.  
Pearson was playing so hard because when we stopped to eat some lunch, he ate everything I put in front of him.  He even ate some lunch meat, which he won't normally eat at home. 
Pearson and Olivia loved these little water shoots.  They were just their size and in water that wasn't too deep.  
After I snaped these pictures of them playing together the lifeguards cleared the pool for what we think was POOP.  We took that as our sign to leave! We had already been there for almost 2 hours so it was probably time to go anyways.  When we got home Pearson took a 2.5 hour nap so it was definitely a successful day!!  

Monday, July 30, 2012

petting zoo

This morning we headed up to our church for a little petting zoo.  
When I put this event on my calendar and summer list earlier in the summer I wasn't sure how well Pearson would like it since he wasn't walking yet.  
 As soon as we got there though, I knew he was going to love it!!
 Before they let the kids in the fenced area with the animals Pearson was already trying to get the bunnies.  
 He kept saying "doh" "doh" "doh".  I guess he thought they were all dogs. Ha!!
 As soon as we got in the fenced area he immediately tried to grab the animals. 
 But as soon as he would squat down to get them they would scoot away. 
 He walked straight up to the duck and looked him right in the eyes. 
 Then, he completely picked up this little black bunny.  
 He just kind of hit/pat the goats.  
 This poor bunny just about got his eyes poked out. 
 Pearson spent quite a bit of time with this little bunny.  He was so calm.  
 I turned my back for one second and Pearson had him up in the air holding on to him by a chunk of fur.  This picture is blurry, but you can see how he was grabbing the poor bunny. 
 We had such a fun morning at the little petting zoo, but I feel so sorry for all the little animals.  I'm not sure they had as much fun since they were all man handled by a bunch of pre-schoolers.

meal planning monday

Monday: Rotesserie Chicken & Sides from Albertson's

Tuesday: Fish Tacos

Wednesday: Baked Spaghetti, Salad, & Garlic Toast

Thursday: Meatloaf Meatballs, Mac N Cheese, Brocolli & Rolls

Friday: ??? Looking for a new recipe ????

Saturday Breakfast: Pigs in a Blanket

Saturday Lunch: Sandwiches & Chips

Saturday Dinner: ABF Pool Party!

Sunday Lunch: Out to Eat

Sunday Dinner: Pizza

Sunday, July 29, 2012

iPhone Rewind {july}

Pearson playing with a cane he found at Nonnie's house.
 Family walk!!
 Pearson loves brushing his teeth.  Actually I think he likes sucking the toothpaste off of his toothbrush!!
 Pearson made some sweet little friends at the pool.  He was so sweet sharing all of his toys. 
 Stuffing his face with mandarin oranges. 
 "Hey, what are you looking at?"
 Pearson loves taking pictures of himself in the morning with my phone!
 Me and my little buddy!
 One of Pearson's favorite things to do is pull all of his shorts out of his drawer, but recently he's starting putting them all back in the drawer!!
 I got the bumbo out for a playdate last week and now Pearson is obsessed with it.  It's so funny though because he gets stuck in it and can't get out!
 Playing outside on the patio in the morning before it got to hot.