Thursday, July 05, 2012

project life {week 24, 25, & 26} FINALLY!!

Whew! I got few weeks behind and I just couldn't motivate myself to get going again.  Thankfully I stayed on top printing my pictures, I just had to spend a little time yesterday putting my pages together.  They great thing about Project Life is that I was 3 weeks behind and I completely got caught up to date in about an hour and a half.  Amazing huh?  Here's my lay-outs to date.  

Week 24
Highlights this week: Splash Park, P walking, 12 Months, ONE
(I still need to type in P's stats
Pearson's 1st Birthday Party insert!!
The back of Pearson's 1st Birthday Party insert!!

Highlights this week: Father's Day, July 4th Mini Session, P's Sleeping Habits
Week 25
Highlights this week: Top Golf & Blow-up Pool
Highlights this week: Dead Battery, Preston's Baptism, Swimmin' w/ Cinnamon, 1 yr Check-Up
Week 26
Highlights this week: Swimmin' w/ Holland, Story Time, Date Night
Highlights this week: Babysitting Olivia, Donuts, 1st Haircut