Friday, July 20, 2012

maybook deal

Did you missed my post about my new May Books a few weeks ago?

That's okay, because they are running a super deal right now thanks to Good Afternoon America!!

Here's the e-mail I got in my inbox this afternoon, so I thought I would share!!
I'm so in love with my new May Book and I'm super excited that I only have 11 more days until I get to actually use it.  {How pathetic am I?}
I'm trying to figure out a good reason to get myself or someone else another notebook.  They are just so fun to design.  

And the best part is that it is $6 flat shipping whether you order 1 or 10.  So this is definitely the time to stock up on Christmas gifts!!

You should probably go order one right now!!  


Anonymous said...

Ah I just ordered one yesterday!! Guess I'll have to order some more since they are such a steal :)

Tammy @ Next To Grace said...

I'm about to do a May Book giveaway on my blog! I kind of want to buy more! Now if I can only justify 5+ notebooks :)

The Autry's said...

Grrr!!! Wish I had this deal when I ordered!!!

Brandi Gail said...

I got one of these for my best friend this past xmas! :) I think I need one now! :)

Kerri McCormack said...

I just bought mine a few weeks ago and LOVE it, so I think I want to buy some more as gifts (and a meal planner for me haha). For some reason the graphic you posted from your email won't show up on my computer anymore so I can't see the promo code (weird, because yesterday I could see it but when I sat down to order today I can't). Can you tell me what it is? Thanks!