Tuesday, July 10, 2012

stuck at home

We are stuck at home today without a car. 
This morning we did our usual Tuesday morning Chick-fil-A date with my Dad then I took my car to the shop to get a new part put on.  My Mom picked us up and brought us home and we've been hanging out at the house ever since.  It's funny how you think of all the errands you need to do or places you want to go when you don't have a car!
After naptime and lunch we played outside for a little while.  Since today was kind of a "cool" summer day (and by cool I mean only 90 degrees) we decided to take a stroll to the park by our house.  I've been wanting to take Pearson to a different park, but this one had do for today since a stroller was our only mode of transportation. 
There wasn't a whole lot for Pearson to do at this park, but that didn't stop him from having fun exploring. 
He immediately discovered the wood chips.  
He just walked around the playground for a while with a wood chip in his hands as happy as could be. 
Pearson figured out how to climb up the steps.  
And he crawled in and out and in and out of this tube. 
And of course when it was time for a break, my water tasted better than his water at the park too!
Being stuck at home without a car isn't so bad since I have this little cutie to spend my day with.  
Although I could really go for a Sonic Diet Coke w/ Vanilla right about now!!


Alisa said...

That little guy is so cute. He is just looking so grown up!!! So funny that he wants to drink from your glass instead of his cup.

Ashley said...

I could have brought you one. If you're stuck at home tomorrow let me know. I can bring you a coke or a sweet tea from Chicken E!

Cassidy said...

I couldn't figure out why he looked so much older in these pictures and then I realized that he got his haircut!! Precious boy!

Lindsay said...

his haircut has made him look so much older! cutie!

Audrey & Randon said...

He's soooo cute!! Terryl loves to play with rocks like P was with the wood chips!! It's great you have a park so close!!