Friday, February 28, 2014

my boys

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 8}

I really wanted to get Nash's Birth Story up on the blog today but I just didn't have time to finish it all.  It fills my entire day just feeding him, changing his diapers and trying to get rid of his diaper rash, and taking care of Pearson.  I have all the pictures in the post, I just need to write it!!  Hopefully I can find some spare time to write tomorrow while Pearson is at school.

Until then, enjoy some pictures from our last week!!

{Day 50}
Grammy came to visit us for a few days.  Pearson loved all the attention that she gave him.
{Day 51}
So much for tummy time……all the little guy wants to do is sleep.  
{Day 52}
After dinner we took a little family stroll around the pond to feed the ducks. 
{Day 53}
Pearson started playing some music on his computer, then he asked me to draw a "pee-no" on his magnadoodle.  
{Day 54}
"Yook Mommy, I scoot!"
{Day 55}
Nash has an awful diaper rash right now.  We have tried so many different things and nothing seems to be working.  I'm so thankful for my two sweet friends, Carissa & Christine, who came over to bring diapers and an assortment of creams to try.  
{Day 56}
I am so thankful that Pearson loves to read books.  It's the perfect activity for him to do while I am nursing Nash. 

pearson {32 months}

  • You are obsessed with singing songs.
  • You love to draw on your magna doodle.  You love to tell us to draw numbers and letters and names.  
  • You know what all of our family members names start with you and  you say O is for Olivia, L is for Lolly, etc. 
  • You are always asking us random questions "What Logan doing?" or "Where did Lolly's house go?"
  • We tried to give up the paci at nap time but turned your naps into 45 minute naps so I gave it back to you because I didn't want to mess with your 3 hour naps before Nash got here.  
  • You have tee-teed in the potty a few times this month but we haven't really started potty training yet.  I don't think you are totally ready yet. 
  • You love to sing "Counting Stars" by One Republic.
  • If you don't like the song in the car you'll say "How bout different song!"
  • You only like to wear diapers with Mickey and Pluto on them.  
  • Any word that has a "V" in it you change it to a "B" (covers=cobers, I love you= I wub you, heavy=heaby, movies=Mobies, drive=dribe, silver=silber)
  • You started tell us NOPE this month. Ugh!!!
  • Everytime we always go outside you always say "It's sky outside" but you mean "It's light outside or It's dark outside
  • We got a new "big brother" carseat for you and it has cup holders in it.  You call them your "water hole" and your "milk hole".
  • Before I had Nash you would pretend to call him and sing him Happy Birthday. 
  • You became a big brother this month.  You are really adjusting well.  So far you haven't given us  a hard time but Daddy has been home the whole time to we'll see how it goes after he goes back to work!!?
  • You call Nash "that baby". You say "What that baby doing? or Where that baby go?"
Funny Words You Say…..
Eff-Uh-Went (elephant)
Guh-wuh (girl)
Seh-Men (Seven)
Bou-Em-Time (Valentine)

Monday, February 24, 2014

meal planning monday

Monday: Dinner from The Davis'

Tuesday: Dinner from Nonnie

Wednesday: Dinner from The Hammetts

Thursday: Out after Pearson's Program

Friday: Dinner from The Kennedys

Saturday Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls

Saturday Lunch: Ham & Swiss Pretzel Sandwiches & Chips

Saturday Dinner: Leftovers 

Sunday Lunch: Out to Eat

Sunday Dinner:  Dinner from The Gooding

Sunday, February 23, 2014

baby no. 2 {40 weeks}

Happy Due Date Little Man!!
We are so happy that we didn't have to wait until our due date to meet our newest little love.  We have enjoyed getting to snuggle with him for the last 16 days!!!

how far along? Not pregnant anymore but we have a 2 week old!!
how are you measuring? I'm shrinking but still have lots to lose. 
size of baby? 7lbs 7.5oz at our 2 week appointment on Wednesday
heartbeat? It's beating!!
total weight gain/loss? Down 15 pounds….20 more to go!
maternity clothes? Mixture of stretchy comfy clothes (and PJ's) and maternity clothes.
stretch marks? Yup! But he's totally worth it!!
sleep? Nash is already sleeping so well.  The first week I set my alarm for every 3-4 hours at night but after our two week appointment when we found out he had already gain a pound and a half since we left the hospital I quit setting my alarm.  For the past four nights he has gone 5-6 hours in between feedings and he goes down very easily after each feeding.  I'm definitely tired because my sleep is interrupted but we aren't totally sleep deprived by any means.  And we haven't had any sleepless nights……yet.
best moment this week? So many great moments in the past two weeks……meeting Nash, spending quality time with Matt in the hospital, seeing Pearson take on the role of a big brother, having Matt home for a week and a half, and having my MIL help us out for a few days.  
movement? Nash is a pretty chill baby.  He loves to have his hands by his face so he is constantly moving them to get them right where he wants them.  
food cravings? Nothing really.  Oddly enough I haven't had a single Chai Tea Latte since I have had Nash.  
gender predictions? BOY!!!! Nash Matthew Link
what i miss? Wearing my real clothes.  I'm so ready to be in my regular clothes.  I tried to put on my regular pants too early with Pearson and was so sad when they didn't even come close to fitting.  I learned my lesson and am going to wait to even try them on until I know they will fit.  Until then, I'll still be in my maternity clothes and my collection of stretchy clothes that hide my "mummy tummy".
what i'm looking forward to? Watching my boys develop a sweet relationship and be the best of buds!!
how are you feeling? Great!  So happy to not be pregnant anymore!!!
comparisons to last pregnancy? The recovery after this c-section has been SO much easier.  I'm moving around great and even going to attempt to go to MOPS tomorrow.  

I  wasn't pregnant with Nash at 38 or 39 weeks so I didn't have any comparison photos for these weeks but here I was with Pearson at 38 and 39 weeks!!  It was actually kind of nice having Nash early and not have to go through the last few weeks of being miserable.  
Here I am 40 weeks with Pearson and 40 weeks with Nash
**Clearly I had a little more time on my hands with just one kid to put some make up on and fix my hair!!  With two kids, I only had time to shower today…..but at least I had time for that!!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

visitors {week 2}

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 21st, 2014

Nash had more visitors this week and we had more delicious meals delivered.  Seriously, whoever invented taking new meals to Moms was so smart.  It has been such a blessing to us as we adjust to our new little family of four.

Our next door neighbor came to meet our little guy.  
Carissa and Landry came over Saturday evening and brought us breakfast for dinner!!
While Carissa and I chatted, Landry and Pearson had so much fun playing together.  
Sunday night Jenny and Tim came to visit and bring us dinner.  

Pearson is OBSESSED with Tim.  He talks about him all the time so as soon as he got here Pearson asked him to read book with him.  
On Monday The Hjertstedts came over and brought us dinner.  One of the fun things about having meals brought to you is trying out new recipes.  She made Strawberries Romanoff (like they have at La Madeline) for dessert and it was soooooo good.  It was a delicious light dessert and I can't wait to try it again.  
Wednesday night my Mom made us a delicious dinner at her house.  Pearson was in heaven hanging out with both of his grandmas.  
On Thursday the Hutchison's brought us dinner.  I didn't get a picture of Michelle with Nash because her little boy was sick and she didn't want to spread any germs.

And of course Grammy came to town for a few days!!
It's going to be a sad day when meals from family and friends stop coming.  It has been so nice not having to cook or even think about what to cook.  Thankfully I've got my freezer all stocked up with meals that when that day comes I can slowly ease back into cooking!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

grammy comes to town

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 21st, 2014

  After 12 wonderful days together (7 days off work) Matt finally had to go back to work on Wednesday.  I am still not allowed to drive or pick up Pearson so I needed some help to get through the week, so Grammy came to town to help us out on Tuesday night!!  We don't have a guest room anymore so she actually stayed with my parents but she was at our house from the moment Pearson woke up until we got both boys to bed.  She was such a huge help to us!!!  She not only entertained and took care of Pearson, loved on and helped out with Nash, but she did many loads of laundry, did lots of dishes, cleaned my floors, cleaned out some cabinets, ironed Matt's shirts and drove me around to run some errands!  I am so thankful that she was able to stay with us for a few days.  I definitely couldn't have made it through this week without her.

Here are a few pictures from our last three days together…...
Thanks Grammy for helping us out for the last few days.  We LOVED having you stay with us!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

valentine's day party

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 11th, 2014

Since we just got home from the hospital yesterday, I wasn't able to go to Pearson's Valentine's Day Party.  Thankfully I planned ahead and got all the volunteers, activities and snacks coordinated before Nash was born.  I mad myself responsible for the table cloth, plates, napkins, and snack.  They were all things I could do way ahead of time and all things I could send with my Mom or Matt if Nash came early.  

Since I wasn't able to go, Matt went for me!!I made him take lots of pictures so I could feel like I was there.  
I'm glad Matt was able to go and see Pearson in action in his classroom.  


**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 15th, 2014

Pearson is obsessed with letters.  And when I say obsessed, I mean it!  He loves trucks and balls and trains and all things boy, but I'm pretty sure if he has a choice he would choose letter toys or books about the ABC's.  It's his favorite thing!!
Just recently we have started singing a little song to help him learn how to spell his name.  He caught on to it so quickly.  He was playing with these foam letters the other day and we looked down and he had spelled his name!!  

So proud of my little letter lover!!!

nash {just born}

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 10th, 2014

Here we go again….

Let's watch Nash grow!!!!
These pictures were taken when we got home from the hospital.
 Next month in his one month post, I'll write more about how life is going with our sweet little addition.

And I just had to add this picture…...
Can't you hear him saying, "Come on Mom, do I really have to take a picture with this silly elephant every single month?"

Yes, sweetie, yes you do!!!

newborn pictures {sneak peek}

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 17, 2014

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked for your help to win this newborn photo shoot??
Nash was scheduled to arrive today but since he came early we got to have his newborn photoshoot that we won today instead!! We got there at 9:30 and we took pictures until almost 1pm.  Brooke was absolutely amazing to work with.  She definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to working with newborns.  
Since you all helped me win this photo shoot, I thought you should see a little sneak peek of some of the pictures she took.  These are the sneak peeks she posted on her Facebook page.  As soon as we get the rest of our pictures I will be sure to share them with you!!!
I am seriously so in love with all of these pictures.  I can't wait to see the rest!!! 

1st trip to the doctor

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 11, 2014

We went to the doctor for Nash's first check up the day after we got home from the hospital.  Pearson had spent the night with my parents because he had to be at school at the same time we had to be at Nash's appointment.  You would think since this is our second kid that we would know how much time to allow to get out the door and to the doctor on time.  Nope…….we were late.  I forgot how long it takes to get out the door with a newborn.
 Nash weighed 6 lbs 10oz at birth and when we brought him home he weighed 6lbs 1oz.  At this appointment he weighed 6lbs 3oz, so he had gained 2oz in one day!!
 We just love our doctor.  Dr. Grace is so laid back and great to answer all of our questions.
Our littlest love check out absolutely perfect.  We got back next week for his 2 week appointment.  
 After his appointment we came home and all rested.  We had a rough night last night so we all needed a little nap.
I forgot how one outing with a little one is so exhausting and feels like it takes up your entire day!!