Thursday, February 20, 2014

valentine's day party

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 11th, 2014

Since we just got home from the hospital yesterday, I wasn't able to go to Pearson's Valentine's Day Party.  Thankfully I planned ahead and got all the volunteers, activities and snacks coordinated before Nash was born.  I mad myself responsible for the table cloth, plates, napkins, and snack.  They were all things I could do way ahead of time and all things I could send with my Mom or Matt if Nash came early.  

Since I wasn't able to go, Matt went for me!!I made him take lots of pictures so I could feel like I was there.  
I'm glad Matt was able to go and see Pearson in action in his classroom.