Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday 2014 {week 6}

{Day 36}
We had a playdate with our friends Jenica, Brynn & Jaxon. I love watching these two play together. It will be so fun to see Jaxon and Nash be best of friends too!!
{Day 37}
Snow in Texas!!!
{Day 38}
We got to meet our sweet baby boy at 2:21 in the morning!! Crazy start to our weekend!!
{Day 39}
My boys together.  My cup runneth over.  
{Day 40}
Celebration Dinner at the hospital.  Steak (chicken for me) and Lobster!!!
{Day 41}
Super Dad!!  I just love seeing all my boys together.  
{Day 42}
I am the room mom for Pearson's class but obviously had to miss his Valentines day party. Thankfully I had everything prepared before hand and some other Moms took over. I sent Matt to take pictures for me though!! We had our own little party when he got home. He had so much fun opening up his "mail" and showing us!!