Wednesday, February 26, 2014

pearson {32 months}

  • You are obsessed with singing songs.
  • You love to draw on your magna doodle.  You love to tell us to draw numbers and letters and names.  
  • You know what all of our family members names start with you and  you say O is for Olivia, L is for Lolly, etc. 
  • You are always asking us random questions "What Logan doing?" or "Where did Lolly's house go?"
  • We tried to give up the paci at nap time but turned your naps into 45 minute naps so I gave it back to you because I didn't want to mess with your 3 hour naps before Nash got here.  
  • You have tee-teed in the potty a few times this month but we haven't really started potty training yet.  I don't think you are totally ready yet. 
  • You love to sing "Counting Stars" by One Republic.
  • If you don't like the song in the car you'll say "How bout different song!"
  • You only like to wear diapers with Mickey and Pluto on them.  
  • Any word that has a "V" in it you change it to a "B" (covers=cobers, I love you= I wub you, heavy=heaby, movies=Mobies, drive=dribe, silver=silber)
  • You started tell us NOPE this month. Ugh!!!
  • Everytime we always go outside you always say "It's sky outside" but you mean "It's light outside or It's dark outside
  • We got a new "big brother" carseat for you and it has cup holders in it.  You call them your "water hole" and your "milk hole".
  • Before I had Nash you would pretend to call him and sing him Happy Birthday. 
  • You became a big brother this month.  You are really adjusting well.  So far you haven't given us  a hard time but Daddy has been home the whole time to we'll see how it goes after he goes back to work!!?
  • You call Nash "that baby". You say "What that baby doing? or Where that baby go?"
Funny Words You Say…..
Eff-Uh-Went (elephant)
Guh-wuh (girl)
Seh-Men (Seven)
Bou-Em-Time (Valentine)


Julie said...

"Water hole" and "milk hole"....that's cute! :)

The Fenner's said...

What new seat did you get him? I got in a wreck last weekend so I get to pick out new seats and I'm thinking of upgrading to the next size!:)