Wednesday, February 12, 2014

a snowy day

Hey y'all……we are doing great adjusting to a little family of four, but it's just taking me a while to get on the computer to upload pics and get some posts up.  We got home on Monday, then had a pediatrician appointment on Tuesday and then a lactation consultant appointment today.  Tomorrow and Friday we have absolutely no plans so I hope to upload some pics and share our sweet little Nash with you!!!

The day I went into labor with Nash it snowed!!  It was quite different weather from when this little guy was born.  When Pearson was born it was the beginning of one of the hottest summers in Texas.  There were 40 consecutive days in a row of "over 100 degree weather". 

Before I dropped Pearson off at school we enjoyed a little time in the snow.  He LOVED it!!
The last time it snowed was on Christmas when he was 18 months so I'm not sure if he remembered it or not.  His class had just been talking all about snow and the weather last week so it was so fun that it snowed here!! It rarely snows in Texas
 He was just a little bit confused.  He kept saying…….
 "Where did Santa go?"
 "I watch a Mickey Christmas movie."
And singing Jingle Bells over and over and over again.
 I always walk Pearson into his class in the mornings, but today this pregnant Mama wasn't about to get out in the snow.  
Pearson was SUPER excited to unbuckle and sit in the front while we waited for the carpool line to start. 
 On my way home my anti-lock brakes kicked in a few times and I knew that I was done driving in the snow.  The snow was definitely sticking to the roads unlike what the weathermen had said.  
Even though the roads weren't terrible at 1:30 when I needed to pick up Pearson, my Dad went ahead and came and picked me up so we could go get Pearson together! His teachers told me that they had such a fun day at school watching the snow.  They even played in it for a little while.  I was so happy that they played in it at school because that meant I didn't have to feel bad for making him come straight home to take a nap!!  

What a fun little memory we have of our last day together just the two of us!!