Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my boys

I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing these two sweet faces together.  
I love my boys!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Pearson's Story} Index

I want to remember every little detail of how Pearson came into this world.  Since I took so many pictures and we had an extended hospital stay because of my c-section, I decided to divide his story up into chapters.  After 2 days of organizing pictures and 2 days of typing posting I finally have them all put together.  You can scroll down trough my blog and read all the posts backwards or you can click on each chapter from here!! Read every word or just look at the pictures, but enjoy the story of our sweet Pearson!!

Chapter 1: How it All Started

Chapter 2: Labor Day.....errrr Night

Chapter 3: C-Section

Chapter 4: Let the Spoiling Begin

Chapter 5: Thursday Was All A Blur

Chapter 6: A Busy Day

Chapter 7: A Quiet Day

Chapter 8: Coming Home

Chapter 9: Home Sweet Home

Sunday, June 26, 2011

lazy days

We had such a lazy Sunday today!! I was so lazy that I didn't even get my camera out.  I just took pictures with my iPhone.  

We gave Pearson a paci for the first time and he LOVED it.
We did a lot of snoozin'. 
I got lots of sweet cuddles from the little guy.
And Matt took us all to Sonic for Happy Hour.  
I could get used to these lazy days.  

first real bath

Pearson's umbilical cord fell out on Friday evening (right after his newborn pictures....of course), so we were finally able to give him his first bath.  

He did awesome!!
I can't tell if he loved it, but he didn't scream, so I know he didn't hate it.  
We got this little fish towel as a gift, and I think it really helped.  You dip it in the warm water and then cover him up to stay warm. 
Bathing him was definitely a two person job.  
 I'll need a little more practice before I do it on my own. 
I hope he loves his bath time forever.  
I love a sweet clean happy baby!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

thumb sucker

You found your thumb this morning.  
Looks like we'll be giving you a paci really soon because I can take that away someday and I can't take your thumb away.  

**pics taken with iPhone because that's all I had with me!!

mommy's little monster

Friday, June 24, 2011

so "beary" cute

We had Pearson's newborn pictures done today.  He is 9 days old today.  He did AMAZING!!  I don't know if he is just a perfect baby, the photographer is just awesome, he was just the perfect age for newborn pictures or a combination of all of them. 
I nursed Pearson right before she came and he crashed right afterwards.  He stayed asleep the entire time.    We turned the air up to 80 degrees and did all the picture in the front room (his nursery) with the blinds open for natural light.  It also helped keep the room warm as well.  She also had this little sound machine that sounded like the womb.  It was crazy, because when we turned it off, he would start to stir.  After we took all the the pictures by himself, we took a break and I nursed him again and we got a few shots of the three of us and some sweet shots of just me and him and Matt and him.  

 We couldn't be happier with how they turned out.  I can't wait to get the CD from her.  I'll definitely post more when we get them.  

 If you are in need of a newborn photographer, I would totally recommend Stacie Tatum.  You can checkout her website for all of her work!!

**pictures snapped from my iPhone

here we go.....

We've taken over 500 pictures of Pearson since he was born a week ago, so I'm still sorting through pictures and trying to get some posts organized.  

I am so excited to share our little bundle of joy with you!! It's just crazy how much time it take to feed your baby, and that is my main priority these days!! 

Lots of posts will be coming soon.  They will be super random because I'm not really posting in an sort of order.  I'll do a big index of the posts once I'm all caught up.  I'm already a week behind, so I better get going.  I don't want to forget a single moment!!

And I'm going to go ahead an apologize for tons of typos.  I'm a tired Mommy....gimme a break!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

my sweet boy

It's only been a week, but I LOVE being Pearson's Mommy.  
I can't wait for many more days at home with my sweet boy.  


Today Nonnie and my four cousins from Tennessee came over to meet Pearson.
The girls were in love.  
Cole didn't really care about him.  
He just wanted to play with Izzie and go outside to watch Matt mow the yard.  
 Mackenzie and Pearson
Ashton and Pearson
Kennedy and Pearson
Being passed around from person to person didn't bother him one bit.  
Nonnie came to visit us in the hospital and even brought us food earlier this week, but I just now got a picture of them together today.  Pearson is so lucky to have Nonnie as a Great-Grandma!!
Mom came over as well to steal some sweet snuggles with Pearson.  
Lolly even got a little "smile" out of him.  
Before they all left, I asked Cole if he would take a picture with Pearson.  He politely told me "No thank you!"  But he gladly took a picture with Izzie.  
At least Izzie was able to get a little attention from someone!!

grow baby grow

The hospital has a great store in it called A Mother's Gift.  They sell tons of cute baby clothes, all things that have to do with breast feeding, nursing bras, and have lactation nurses to meet with.  They also do free weight checks.  I needed to go to the hospital to buy some nursing bras, and since Pearson lost so much weight in the hospital we decided to get him weighed.  Even though he had already gain 3.5 ounce back, he crazy lactation nurse made me really feel like I didn't know what I was doing, so I just needed some assurance that we were doing good nursing.  

Pearson weighed 7 pounds 10.9 ounces.  He had gained 4 ounces in two days.  He's a healthy growing boy and that make me a happy Mommy!!