Monday, June 20, 2011

our first outing

Today was Pearson's due date.  I'm so glad that he decided to make his entrance into this world a few days early.  We have enjoyed every moment with him.  

We took him out for his first little outing today.  We had an appointment at the hospital to have him weighed, get his bilirubin levels check and have an appointment with a lactation nurse.  He snoozed all the way over to the hospital! He was a little angel in the car.  
When Pearson was born, he weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces.  When we left he weight 7 pounds 2 ounces.  He had lost 9.9% of his birth weight.  Most doctor like to have you supplement when babies lose 10% of their birth weight.  I really didn't want to supplement with formula, so I was really hoping he had gained weight.  When they weighed him, he only weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces.  He only gained about an ounce.  I was really hoping he would have gained more, but my milk just came in yesterday so hopefully the gaining will start really soon. 

His bilirubin levels were perfect.  No jaundice for this little guy!!

The last part of our appointment was with the lactation nurse.  Up until this point we had had the best experience with the lactation nurses at Plano Presby.  Two lactation nurses came to visit me in the hospital and both were so positive and had so much good advice to give.  They both said I was doing great nursing and said Pearson was doing a good job too.  The reason we met with a lactation nurse today was because he had lost so much weight.  They wanted to make sure that we were doing everything right with breastfeeding to get him to be gaining his weight back.  This nurse though was CRAZY.  All of the sudden, according to her, I didn't know what I doing, I was holding him wrong, he was latching on wrong, he wasn't sucking effectively, he wasn't getting enough.  You name it.....we had every problem.  She even gave him some formula without asking me.  After he had the formula he fell fast asleep and she said now look at he is perfectly satisfied.  I left the office in tears because I felt like she had completely torn me apart and made me feel like I didn't know what I was doing. And then we had to buy all these stupid Medela breast pump parts that I didn't need.  We had to buy them though because she made me use them in her office.  

I finally calmed down when we got home and I just had to tell myself that 2 out of 3 nurses said that I was nursing him wonderfully.  He's pooping and peeing and sleeping great so he must be eating great.  He will eventually gain weight.  I'm really hoping that he has gained some weight when we go to the pediatrician tomorrow.  


Christine said...

I'm so sorry that you had that experience. Everything does pick up nicely once your milk comes in. If you have a Medela pump anyway, the extra pump parts will come in handy. I got a set in the hospital and am very thankful to have two sets. Still, can't believe she was like that. Glad you had a better experience with the other two. Hang in there, the nursing does become pretty easy after a while.

Brandi Gail said...

That is awful! Mean nurse...You are doing great! :)

Lindsay said...

I can't believe that nurse!!