Monday, June 06, 2011

hello summer!!

One of the perks of being a teacher is having the summer off!!

I realize that with my new job of being a Stay at Home Mom that there are lots of perks, one being that I don't have to get up and GO to work.  Although I will not have to GO to work everyday, I will never have a summer break all to myself like I have for the past 3 years.  I'll be on Mommy duty every summer from here on out.  So I'm enjoying my last two weeks of summer as much as I can {as much as I can at 9 months pregnant that is}.  

Today I......
.....slept in.
.....ate a leisurely breakfast while watching Good Morning America.
.....relaxed on the couch and planned out my Target shopping trip.  $135 worth of groceries for $35 at Target!!  
Here's a picture of it all!!
.....laid out at the pool with Michelle.
.....went to Sonic Happy Hour.
.....took a cat nap on the couch.
......picked up a few more good deals at Albertson's.
......caught up on some blog reading.
......made a quick and easy, but yummy dinner for me and the hubby.
.....relaxed on the couch and watched the Rangers with the hubby.

What did you do on your first day of summer?  


The Aggie Gardners said...

Worked...unfortunately Plano added days on to the end of the year, so we had to work today. We had half a day of class and then cleaned up the rooms the other half. I am really enjoying my evening off and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

Alisa said...

Did you mean you got $135 worth of groceries for $35? Pregnancy does have it's effects,hehe! By the way that was an awesome deal you got on those groceries! Way to go Mommy!!!

Brandi Gail said...

I am still looking for a job..BOO! So Technically I have been "staying at home" since Dec! I ironed, cleaned up dog poo in backyard, did a quick vacuum of hard floors, and watched Bachelorette with girlfriends tonight! You are going to love staying at home! :)

Christine said...

Ah, let's see... I fed baby, changed baby, put baby down for naps, calmed her when fussy (which seems to be a lot right now, I think she's teething), grabbed some free lipstick at CVS, and also took a trip to Target for some couponing. Naomi fussed in the Target which made me feel bad and stressed me out. My big stack of coupons all fell to the floor right at the checkout, so I scrambled to pick them all up with Naomi strapped to the front of me. Good times! Still love her though! :)

Julie said...

I have wondered the same do people have a job in the summer??! My summer didn't start until today but I have slept in late, took my time getting ready, had lunch at P.F. Changs with Michel's parents and brother, and then he and I went to hang out at the pool for an hour! Now I'm laying on the couch catching up on blogs....not too shabby of a way to spend my first day of summer vacation in my opinion :)

johnson said...

On my first day of Summer, I woke up and took Chandler to VBS, cut out coupons, made my shopping list, and shopped all over town. I do want to know how you only managed to spend $35. :)