Saturday, June 18, 2011

{Pearson's Story} Chapter 7: A Quiet Day

Saturday was such a quiet day.  There was barely anybody left in our wing, and we were the last room in the hall so nobody was even walking by our room.  

We spent most of the day snoozing.  
 Our ABF directors stopped by and brought us Chick-fil-A for lunch.  Like I said, the hospital food was wonderful, but it was great to get some food from the outside world!!
 We took an afternoon walk and ordered a fruit plate and some desserts for a late afternoon snack.  Our friends Joel and Carissa stopped by around dinner time to meet Pearson.  
 Before we went to bed, I tried Pearson's going home outfit on him.  It absolutely swallowed him.  Thanksfully I stuck in another outfit that happened to say "Daddy's Best Friend" on it.  It was going to be the perfect outfit to go home in because we would be leaving on Father's Day!!
Saturday was such a good day, because we kind of felt like it was a preview of what life at home would be like.  We didn't have a ton of visitors and the nurses didn't seem to come in quiet as much as they had been.  We had sent Pearson to the nursery each night for 3 hours to get a little sleep, and we had plans to do the same this nigh, but we ended up not sending him because he slept like a champ.  He fell fast asleep after each feeding and we had a great night!