Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st doc appointment

We had our first doctor's appointment for Pearson today.  Our appointment was at 10:45 and the office is literally 5 minutes from our house.  Who knew it was so difficult to get everybody dressed and out the door by 10:30? I was able to put make-up on, but I didn't have time to get dressed.  We made it on time though, so that's all that matters right?
As soon as we took him out of his car seat, we realized he had peed out of his diaper so we had to change him.  During our outing yesterday we used nothing out of his diaper bag, today we used just about everything!!
We left him undressed so we could get his weight.  He weighed 7 pounds 6.5 ounces.  He gained 3.5 ounces in two days!! Yay!!!
When the doctor tried to listen to his heart Pearson started screaming.  She asked us if we had a paci to calm him down. We haven't given him a paci yet she had to improvise.  
She put a glove on and let him suck on her finger.  He was a happy camper.  She said that if we give him a paci, he is going to love it because he was going to town on her finger.  
We briefly met with Dr. Grace whenever we "interviewed" her when I was pregnant, but this was our first time to see her.  We absolutely loved her.  She was very thorough and answered all of my crazy new Mommy questions.  
She said he was a healthy growing boy. We got back next Friday for his 2 week appointment.  


Dana Bowen said...

We use Dr. Richerdson at that office. We love them! It is so close and they are very thorough and helpful.

Brandi Gail said...

He is so sweet! Glad his Dr's appts. are going well!