Friday, June 10, 2011

out of office

I am really loving my summer break, but it is crazy how fast this week has flown by. When I was working the weeks seemed to drag on, but now that it's summer it's already flying by.  Most of the time I want the weekend to slow down so I can savor the time with Matt, but I'm hoping this weekend will fly by.


My Dad is out of town until Sunday and my doctor is out of town this weekend.  Obviously if Pearson decides to come this weekend, we will GLADLY welcome him, and I know I'll be in good hands with the on call doctor, but I would really like for my Dad and my doctor to be here for the occasion!!

So say a prayer that this weekend goes by fast for us and that Pearson stays inside of me a few days longer while my Dad and Doctor are "out of office".  

I'll be taking it SUPER easy this weekend.  What are you doing this weekend?