Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Pearson's Story} Chapter 2: Labor Day....errr Night

We got all checked into the hospital and I got all changed into my cute hosptial gown that my Mom made for me! I had no interest in wearing the hospital's ugly gown.  The light blue color doesn't do anything for me, and you have to look cute when you first meet your baby right?? Every nurse that came in complimented me on my gown and I actually felt cute while I was in labor!!
 They quickly put all the monitors on me and checked me.  I was at 3-4cm and 100% effaced.  
 All these different nurses kept coming in asking questions, when I just kept asking, "When can I get my epidural?" I was really in alot of pain at this point. The nurse gave me my IV and told me that I would get my epidural as soon as another nurse came in to draw my blood.  They finally had me get on all fours to help ease the pain until I got my epidural and when I did my water broke!  {Weirdest feeling ever.}

I finally got my epidural at 6:00pm.  I was so afraid to get my epidural, but I was having such painful contractions that I didn't even notice.  I was just concentrating so hard to stay still while I was having a contraction so she could give me my epidural.  I felt about 3 more contractions and then it was smooth sailing from there.  I was also scared about getting my catheter, but since I was completely numb from waist down, I didn't feel a thing.  I did one more blog update before the nurse came and checked me.  I was at 5cm.  
 The epidural was AMAZING.  I couldn't feel a thing. The only thing I didn't like was how my legs felt. One of my legs was way more numb than the other.  I could sort of move my right leg, but I couldn't do a thing with my left.  When I wanted to change positions Matt would have to come and move my left leg for me!!  I also didn't like how the IV felt in my arm.  It didn't hurt to get it put in, it just bothered me the whole evening.  She finally ended up switching it to the other arm because it was hurting so bad.  
 At around 6:30, things got a little crazy.  I didn't even really realize anything was wrong until everything was okay.  My doctor came in to check me and right before she checked me Pearson's heart rate started to drop.  They lowered my bed, put me on my side, gave me some medicine to stop my contractions and slowed down my IV.  Apparently, I had a contraction that was like 6 minutes long and Pearson was a little stressed out!!
 Thankfully everything was okay and they let my contractions start back up.  I kept an eye on the monitor and listened to Pearson's sweet heart beat for the rest of the evening.  

Around 8pm my parents came to visit us and my Dad and Matt went to grab some dinner while my Mom and I chatted.  I tried to get a little rest, because I was SO tired, but the anticipation of meeting our son soon was just too much!!
The nurse checked me while Matt was away and I was at 8cm.  When Matt got back his parents also arrived at the hospital.  
At this point things were moving along nicely and we were pretty confident we were going to have a June 15th baby.  Matt and I took our last family of 2 picture and rested while our parents waited in the waiting room.  
At 10:25pm I was checked and I was at 9cm, then they checked again at 10:55 and I was at 10cm.  It was time to push!!

I started to push around 11:30.  It was starting to look like we were going to have a June 16th baby!! After almost 24 hours of labor I began to push.  I pushed for a good hour and a half.  The nurse was very encouraging and told me I was doing great.  I was SO tired though that I would fall asleep in between each contraction. Around 1:00am, she told me to rest and that my doctor would be here soon.   I fell completely asleep for 30-45 minutes.  I was thinking as soon as my doctor got there I would give one final push and he would be here.  But I was wrong.  When she got there she checked me and immediately told me that he wasn't going to come out and we were going to have to do a c-section.  We knew that he was "sunny-side up" because of my back labor, but his head was also turned funny which made it where he couldn't descend enough.  When she told me I had to have a c-section I was SO upset.  I had told myself that it was a possibility, but I was just devastated that I had labored and pushed for 26 hours for nothing.  I was happy though that I wasn't going to have to push anymore.  I was completely exhausted and didn't have any energy left in me.  

We were so excited to know that we would meet our baby boy soon!! 


Christine said...

Love your cute hospital gown! If I ever have another baby, I'm going to have to do that! So sorry you had to have a baby both ways. You're now twice as knowledgeable though!