Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today Nonnie and my four cousins from Tennessee came over to meet Pearson.
The girls were in love.  
Cole didn't really care about him.  
He just wanted to play with Izzie and go outside to watch Matt mow the yard.  
 Mackenzie and Pearson
Ashton and Pearson
Kennedy and Pearson
Being passed around from person to person didn't bother him one bit.  
Nonnie came to visit us in the hospital and even brought us food earlier this week, but I just now got a picture of them together today.  Pearson is so lucky to have Nonnie as a Great-Grandma!!
Mom came over as well to steal some sweet snuggles with Pearson.  
Lolly even got a little "smile" out of him.  
Before they all left, I asked Cole if he would take a picture with Pearson.  He politely told me "No thank you!"  But he gladly took a picture with Izzie.  
At least Izzie was able to get a little attention from someone!!


Brandi Gail said...

Your cousins are so cute! Great pics...