Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat

Matt and I sorta kinda ate almost all of our Halloween candy so we decided to take a stroll and "Trick or Treat" over on my parents side of the neighborhood so we didn't have to pass out candy....Haha!!  
We stopped at Nonnie's house.  
 And we stopped at Lolly & Pops too.  Pops was too busy passing out candy to stop and take a picture though!
 There is a crazy spooky decorated house around the corner from my parents house.  We stopped by and looked at it.  There were probably 50+ people standing around waiting to go through the tunnel up to their house.  They seriously go ALL OUT. It's crazy!!
Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

Trick or Treat!!

happy halloween

Happy Halloween from Dorothy, The Yellow Brick Road and the cowardly cutest little lion!!!

cat cousins

Today Ashley and I got the kiddos together today to take some pictures in their Halloween costumes.  
 We had a "big cat" a "kitty cat" and 
a "Cat in the Hat".....well a "Cat with only a Hat"here!!
Carson was not really into the pictures.  We bribed him into taking a few pictures then we told him he could have a sucker!!

Thankfully we were able to get a few pictures of all three of them.  
Then we had some fun with the babies!!!
Happy Halloween from the Three Cat Cousins!!!

meal planning monday

Monday: Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti, Green Beans, & Garlic Toast

Wednesday: Cranberry Chicken, Sweet Potato and Fresh Veggies

Thursday: Poblano Corn Chowder & Salad

Friday: Leftover Soup & Crabcakes

Saturday Breakfast: On your Own

Saturday Lunch: Sandwiches & Chips

Saturday Dinner: Progressive Dinner w/ our ABF

Sunday Lunch: Cheesy Velveeta Skillet Meal

Sunday Dinner: Pizza Sunday

Sunday, October 30, 2011

iPhone rewind {October}

Here's all of my iPhone pics from the month of October!!

Me and my sweet like buddy at the fair.
 When the little Mr. is fussy, swinging on the hammock always calms him down.
 Somebody found their feet this month!
 Pearson loves talking to his bugs in the backseat.
 I made THE BEST pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese icing from scratch. Thank you Pinterest!
My free breakfast every Tuesday! 
That is not how I put him in the crib. 
Ready for the Rangers game. 
But he didn't quite make it. 
We've been trying to fall asleep on our own at naptime.  It's been hard.
 But it sometimes works.
Pearson and his cousin Olivia. 
Love those chubby cheeks. 
 Sweet dreams!!
 Hanging out with Daddy.
Pearson rolled over for the first time in his crib at night and we missed it.  
 My plate at our anniversary dinner date at Cyclone Aniyah's.
 My little froggy sleeper.
Making some pumpkin bread with me.   
 I've made and sold 12 K'Link wraps this month!! Want one??
 Pearson loves Sophie the Giraffe.
 Pearson loves his little seahorse that plays music.
Sleeping in on Saturday morning with Daddy. 
 Soooooo sleepy.
 How many fingers can Pearson get in his mouth?? Almost all of them!!
 Pearson has started napping on his back.  
He loves to totally sprawl out, which is funny considering I used to swaddle him. 
 We went to visit my grandma (Pearson's Great Grandma), Oma.
 Resting up before a World Series game.
 Cutest little Rangers fan out there.
 Swinging with my baby!