Saturday, October 01, 2011

matt's 29th

Last night we went to Top Golf with some friends to celebrate Matt's 29th birthday.  
 We just knew that there was going to be a wait since it was Friday night so we had planned to eat dinner while we waited.  We lucked out and actually got a bay right when we got there, so we just ate while we golfed.  
 The only outside food that you can bring into Top Golf is birthday cake so I decided to make my first homemade cake from scratch.  Carrot Cake....yum!!
 The cake turned out delicious, but clearly I need to work on my cake cutting skills. 
 Hope you had fun celebrating your 29th birthday Sweetie!! I love you!!
And on a side note.....this Momma is super sore from swinging the golf clubs all night.  
Apparently carrying around a 14 pound baby is good enough.  I need to get my booty in gear.  I'm out of shape!!