Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Home Tour Tuesday {nash's room}

Like I mentioned last week, my boy's rooms are my absolute favorite rooms in my house.  It only made sense to show you Nash's room this week in my Home Tour.  Nothing really has changed, except lowering his crib,  since I first blogged about Nash's room when he was first born so these are actually old pictures.  But here's another look at Nash's room!

My favorite part about Nash's room is the bunting hung across the wall when you first walk in.  Matt says it's always like a party in here because of the bunting!  
 This chair was seriously the best piece of furniture we have ever bought.  It was so expensive, but it's been so worth it.  I still love sitting in it and rocking my sweet baby boy (when he will let me). 
Just like Pearson's room, we won't be changing any decor in Nash's room in our new house. I'm still in love with his room and definitely not ready to change it up. 
The only thing I might change is the color of Nash's walls.  You can't really tell in these pictures, but this grey is a little blue and I would like for it to be more grey. Grey is just a hard color to choose.  Any advice on the perfect grey color??
To see more pictures of Nash's room and all the details of where everything came from you can go here to his original room tour!
Check back next Tuesday for a tour of our kitchen!!

Monday, April 27, 2015

meal planning monday

Mon 4/27: Pasta & Meatsauce, Green Beans, & Garlic Knots

Tues 4/28: Poppyseed Chicken, Green Beans & French Bread

Wed 4/29: Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad

Thurs 4/30: Stromboli

Fri 5/1: Last Parent's Night Out in Dallas

Sat 5/2: Hobo Pancakes & Bacon

Sat 5/2: ABF Park Playdate

Sat 5/2: Chicken Pot Pie

Sun 5/3: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Sun 5/3: Out after P's Choir Concert

Friday, April 24, 2015

easter 2015

Easter Sunday started all dressed up and looking nice for church in our Sunday best.  
I'm such a sucker for matching clothes.  I just love it when they are dressed alike.  
We watched a really neat video about the Passover during our ABF and then instead of going to worship, Matt and I volunteered in the nursery.  While I would have rather been in the sanctuary singing praises to our Risen King, it felt good knowing that we were allowing lots of other parents the opportunity to worship.  Lunch at my parent's house was next on our agenda. 
We had such a delicious lunch, pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, deviled eggs and more.

My Mom made the cutest cake for the kids.  The recipe just called for a box mix cake but she made her famous chocolate sheet cake. It was sooooooo good!!
In year's past we have had so many Easter egg hunts leading up to Easter, but this year Easter was actually our first and only hunt. 
These sweet cousins were so ready to find their eggs.  Lolly had them all color coded so they all got the same amount.  
Nash didn't have any eggs to find but was thrilled to just play with some of the extra eggs. 
It had been raining so we made due with our little indoor egg hunt.  The kiddos didn't seem to mind at all.  
Lolly also had a fun little activity planned for the big kids.  They had to punch the cups and pull out a clue to find out where a little Easter goodie was hidden.  
Pearson and Carson had so much fun searching for their little goodies.  Olivia was more interested in eating her candy from her eggs!!
Before we left my parent's house we snapped a few pictures on their front porch.  
I try not to give Nash his paci outside of his crib, but poor baby was so tired.  It was way past his nap time.  
After a long morning at church and then a full afternoon at my parents house, both boys crashed for a nice afternoon nap. We gave the boys their Easter baskets from us after naps and they were thrilled with all their little goodies from us.  It was all stuff I had picked up on clearance or for cheap here and there, but they loved it!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

daddy's biggest fans

Matt has been playing in a men's softball league for four or so years.  Most the time his games are past the boys bedtime so I stay home and enjoy having the TV to myself.  I usually end up watching one of my guilty pleasures…..The Bachelor/The Bachelorette or Dancing with the Stars.  But,  on the rare occasion that he has a 6:30 game, I always try to go since it's the only game that doesn't keep the boys up way past their bedtime.

This past Monday night we packed a little picnic, and headed to to ballpark to watch Matt play ball.  It was nice having a little picnic to eat while Daddy warmed up.  
 Pearson was so excited to watch Daddy play softball.  I know he felt so cool sitting with Matt by the dugout.  
 If Matt would have let him, he would have ran out on the field with him.  He wanted to be right with him the whole game!!
It was so precious to hear him cheer "Go Daddy Go" and "Get a Home Run".
 Nash didn't care much about the game because he had food in front of him!
 I learned my lesson with Pearson that you don't take a baby out of the stroller at a ballpark until you are ready to chase them and not watch the game anymore.  When Nash had finally had enough of the stroller, I finally let him out when there was about 20 minutes left in the game. 
 He was in heaven walking around like a big boy!! It didn't even bother him one bit that he tripped every 5th step or so. 
I swear this silly boy is going to bite his tongue off one day.  He cannot keep it in his mouth!!
 The guys won their game 23 to 7.  I think it's because they had to two of the cutest little lucky charms cheering them on!!
 When we got home they were both pretty interested in Matt's hat.  I just love the way these boys look up to and adore their Daddy.  
They are both definitely Daddy's biggest fans!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home Tour Tuesday {pearson's room}

Our move to Tyler is quickly approaching…….like really quickly approaching.  If everything goes as planned we are set to close on the 13th of May here, then close in Tyler the following day.  For the next few Tuesdays I want to do a Home Tour of our house so I'll have a place to look back at pictures of The {first} Link Home. We actually only have three more Tuesdays here but I'll take pictures before we move and continue this series after we move to Tyler.  

My favorite rooms in the house are my boy's room.  I think they are my favorite because they are totally decorated and I just love how whimsical and playful and bright they are.  
I don't ever want my boys to grow up because I love their little kid rooms. 
Here are pictures from Pearson's nursery and here are pictures from when we made it into his "big boy" room. About 3 months ago we converted his bed into his big boy bed (a full size).  
I still love his room just as much as I did when we first decorated it.
I just love all the pirate details in his room.
 We aren't planning on changing a thing when we move to Tyler.  I think having their rooms the same will help make our new house feel more like home quicker.  
So many sweet memories of watching by almost 4 year old grow up in this room!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

meal planning monday

Monday: Bagel Sandwiches & Chips

Tuesday: Eggs in a Basket & Bacon

Wednesday: Taco Salad

Thursday: Chicken Poppyseed, Green Beans & French Bread

Friday: Roast Beef Sandwiches & Chips 

Saturday Breakfast: Homemade Donuts

Saturday Lunch: Leftovers

Saturday Dinner: Cookout @ The Reams

Sunday Lunch: Out

Sunday Dinner: Stromboli

Friday, April 17, 2015

pearson {3 years 10 months}

Oh my goodness child, you keep us laughing all the time! You are always saying the funniest things.  You are such a chatterbox too!! I wonder who you get that from?? This month has been such a good one.  You are really growing out of that "threenager" attitude and have just been a joy to be around lately.  Don't get me wrong, you still have your moment, but I think we are definitely nearing that "magical fours" age.  

  • Every time I cut something with a knife you ask, "Is that knife shark"?
  • You told me while I was nursing Nash that "To nurse means when a baby is hungry they can eat breastmilk out of their Mommy's tummy."
  • In the mornings when I leave the scale out, you like to hop on and say "I need to check my feet!"
  • A tennis shoe is a tissue.
  • One day you asked me if Lolly & Pops had kids. I told you that I was their kid and you look at me funny and said "No, that's silly, you're not a kid, you are a Mommy!"
  • We were eating pork chops for dinner and you asked what it was.  Daddy had the grand idea to tell you that it was pig.  I wasn't quite ready to go there yet, but then you asked, "Is this pig chicken?"
  • Pops has a camper that he pulls behind his truck.  We were out and about one day and you saw a motor home and yelled out, "Look Mommy, that camper is driving all by itself!"
  • I have been watching a lot of Fixer Upper lately and you love to watch it with me.  Your favorite part is Demo Day.  The other day you asked if those guys were going to come to Tyler and break our new house!
  • You were trying to find Netflix on the iPad and you told me it was in the Potos and Videos folder.  I corrected you and said it's Photos.  You said, "No is Potos, it starts with a P." I explained that when P & H are together it says the F sound and you just said "well that's silly!"
  • Anytime a thought comes you mind you say "Hey, I have a dea". (idea)
  • Last week your idea what they your  bedtime could be at 6pm when you turn 4.  Sure thing buddy!
  • You always want to know what time it is and you ask "What kind of time is it?"
  • You want to be a deli guy when you grow up. 
  • When we were in Denison visiting family we saw a head statue of Dwight Eisenhower. You began to ask who he was.  We explained that he used to be a president a long time ago but he got old and died.  You replied, "So he died and turned into a head statue."
  • When parking in front of the barber the other day you said we were parked in "4 Hore Parking" in stead of 4 Hour Parking.  It caught me by surprise when you said that because I hadn't seen the sign yet! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

nash {14 months}

25ish lbs pounds; not sure in length
You are wearing 18 month PJ's some 24 months, 12-18 month and some 18-24 month/2T hand me down shirts, 18 month pants.  You are in size 4 diapers and size 3 or 4 shoes when you keep them on.  

Another great month of sleeping! You even slept in a few mornings until 7:30.  It was so bizarre to have Pearson wake up first.  For the most part, you daily wake up time is around 6:30.  You are starting to wake up a little happier in the mornings.  You cry out a little, but when I get in there you promptly greet me with a "Heeeeyyyy".  Poor second child, morning nap just happens when ever we can fit it in.  Most days we are home for morning nap.  I just put you down whenever you get fussy which is usually around 9:30.  Morning nap is getting shorter and shorter and sometimes non-existent.  Lately it's only been about 45 minutes max.  Afternoon naps are still at 2pm and usually last until 3:30 or 4pm.  I think you are definitely getting to the point where you are ready for just one nap.  I sure hope it turns into a 3-4 hour nap like it did for Pearson.

I am still nursing you first thing in the morning, before afternoon nap and at bedtime.  I think you are ready to drop the nap time nursing, but I'm not.  I'm seriously having the hardest time weaning you. I think you could probably wean soon, but I won't let you! Ha! You decided you LOVE whole milk this month.  You can't get enough of it!! You eat three meals a day and have a couple snacks throughout the day.  You love baby goldfish, any kind of fruit, especially pears, grapes, and bananas.  You also love pork chops.  You love to eat bread all by yourself.  You have been kind of moody lately when it comes to your food.  Sometime you push all of it away and sometimes you eat it all up faster than I can cut it.  When you are done you are done.  You don't want any food on your tray when you are done.  You are a food swiper which makes it absolutely impossible to keep my floors clean. 

New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
You are starting to take a few steps.  The week before Easter you would walk off furniture and take 2-3 steps but then fall.  On Easter you took about 7 steps.  You are going to be full blown walking so soon. You are also just standing up by yourself in the middle of the room.  You stick your tongue out and pant when we way "What does the puppy say?".  You wave bye-bye to everyone you see whether they see you or not.  You love to bob your head when you hear music.  When Daddy leaves for work in the morning you blow a kiss, by putting your hand on your mouth then sticking your hand out. 

Da-De (Daddy) Hiiiiii, Bye-Bye, Bubu and Mama, {New This Month}>>>> Heeeyyyy, Doh (duck), Pu-Pee (puppy), Ba-Bee (Baby), Ah-Oh (with a big round mouth)

5 (3 top/2 bottom) I can see your top right molar coming it but it is barely peeping.  

Baths….especially now that you aren't in the bathseat anymore, throwing things, getting into anything and everything you aren't supposed to, going on walks, riding a horsey, being tickled.

Getting out of the bath, socks and shoes, diaper changes, when we take something away or close doors on you, when Pearson pushes you down or is on top of you.
Other Random Facts:

  • You are into EVERYTHING.  Seriously EVERYTHING.
  • You have a little attitude when we try to take things away from you.  You hold on tight, go back and forth and hold on with a death grip.  
  • You will wave to anyone and everyone even if they aren't looking.  You wave with you hand way high above your head.  As soon as they acknowledge you, you get all shy and tuck your head down.
  • Every morning we find a paci all the way by your door because you have chunked it from the crib.  
  • I'm having a much harder time taking the paci away from you than I did with Pearson.  With him, he only had it inside the crib.  You are just more moody so I give it too you when you aren't in a good mood and it usually solves the problem.
  • When I am about to put food on your tray, you point down on the tray.  It's like you are saying "Put the food down right here!".
  • You get soooooooo annoyed with your brother always being on top of you.  
  • You are so tough.  You get beat up by brother and fall down so hard but never seem bothered by it.  
  • We took you out of the bathseat for bath time and you love to play and splash really big.  You love to line up all the ducks on the ledge and say "doh, doh, doh".
  • You are a food thrower.  At dinner when you are done you start to throw your food.  It's so hard not to laugh because you can throw it clear across the table.  Sometimes you will rear back and make it look like you are going to throw it, then put it in your mouth.  Such a stinker!!
Here is Pearson at 14 months and Nash at 14 months.
 Look how you have changed……

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Last week we announced that we were moving, however we left out a pretty big detail. We are officially moving to TYLER. Matt has accepted a wonderful new job there and he starts June 1st. We are excited for this new job opportunity and excited for some more space in a new (to us) house, but we are going to miss our friends and family here so much. It's definitely a bittersweet move! The Lord has orchestrated each little step along the way and it is all working out perfectly, so we know it's where we are supposed to be. We are excited for all The Lord has in store for us as we take our little family on this new adventure to East Texas.