Friday, April 24, 2015

easter 2015

Easter Sunday started all dressed up and looking nice for church in our Sunday best.  
I'm such a sucker for matching clothes.  I just love it when they are dressed alike.  
We watched a really neat video about the Passover during our ABF and then instead of going to worship, Matt and I volunteered in the nursery.  While I would have rather been in the sanctuary singing praises to our Risen King, it felt good knowing that we were allowing lots of other parents the opportunity to worship.  Lunch at my parent's house was next on our agenda. 
We had such a delicious lunch, pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes, broccoli salad, deviled eggs and more.

My Mom made the cutest cake for the kids.  The recipe just called for a box mix cake but she made her famous chocolate sheet cake. It was sooooooo good!!
In year's past we have had so many Easter egg hunts leading up to Easter, but this year Easter was actually our first and only hunt. 
These sweet cousins were so ready to find their eggs.  Lolly had them all color coded so they all got the same amount.  
Nash didn't have any eggs to find but was thrilled to just play with some of the extra eggs. 
It had been raining so we made due with our little indoor egg hunt.  The kiddos didn't seem to mind at all.  
Lolly also had a fun little activity planned for the big kids.  They had to punch the cups and pull out a clue to find out where a little Easter goodie was hidden.  
Pearson and Carson had so much fun searching for their little goodies.  Olivia was more interested in eating her candy from her eggs!!
Before we left my parent's house we snapped a few pictures on their front porch.  
I try not to give Nash his paci outside of his crib, but poor baby was so tired.  It was way past his nap time.  
After a long morning at church and then a full afternoon at my parents house, both boys crashed for a nice afternoon nap. We gave the boys their Easter baskets from us after naps and they were thrilled with all their little goodies from us.  It was all stuff I had picked up on clearance or for cheap here and there, but they loved it!!


Rachel Zimm said...

Love the boys' matching outfits!!
Your hair has grown out a lot-- it's so pretty!