Friday, April 17, 2015

pearson {3 years 10 months}

Oh my goodness child, you keep us laughing all the time! You are always saying the funniest things.  You are such a chatterbox too!! I wonder who you get that from?? This month has been such a good one.  You are really growing out of that "threenager" attitude and have just been a joy to be around lately.  Don't get me wrong, you still have your moment, but I think we are definitely nearing that "magical fours" age.  

  • Every time I cut something with a knife you ask, "Is that knife shark"?
  • You told me while I was nursing Nash that "To nurse means when a baby is hungry they can eat breastmilk out of their Mommy's tummy."
  • In the mornings when I leave the scale out, you like to hop on and say "I need to check my feet!"
  • A tennis shoe is a tissue.
  • One day you asked me if Lolly & Pops had kids. I told you that I was their kid and you look at me funny and said "No, that's silly, you're not a kid, you are a Mommy!"
  • We were eating pork chops for dinner and you asked what it was.  Daddy had the grand idea to tell you that it was pig.  I wasn't quite ready to go there yet, but then you asked, "Is this pig chicken?"
  • Pops has a camper that he pulls behind his truck.  We were out and about one day and you saw a motor home and yelled out, "Look Mommy, that camper is driving all by itself!"
  • I have been watching a lot of Fixer Upper lately and you love to watch it with me.  Your favorite part is Demo Day.  The other day you asked if those guys were going to come to Tyler and break our new house!
  • You were trying to find Netflix on the iPad and you told me it was in the Potos and Videos folder.  I corrected you and said it's Photos.  You said, "No is Potos, it starts with a P." I explained that when P & H are together it says the F sound and you just said "well that's silly!"
  • Anytime a thought comes you mind you say "Hey, I have a dea". (idea)
  • Last week your idea what they your  bedtime could be at 6pm when you turn 4.  Sure thing buddy!
  • You always want to know what time it is and you ask "What kind of time is it?"
  • You want to be a deli guy when you grow up. 
  • When we were in Denison visiting family we saw a head statue of Dwight Eisenhower. You began to ask who he was.  We explained that he used to be a president a long time ago but he got old and died.  You replied, "So he died and turned into a head statue."
  • When parking in front of the barber the other day you said we were parked in "4 Hore Parking" in stead of 4 Hour Parking.  It caught me by surprise when you said that because I hadn't seen the sign yet! 


Alisa said...

Love this child. He is so fun to be around. And he does say the cutest things. We loved having you all for a 2 night sleepover!

Laura said...

He is too funny! What a hoot!