Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Home Tour Tuesday {pearson's room}

Our move to Tyler is quickly approaching…….like really quickly approaching.  If everything goes as planned we are set to close on the 13th of May here, then close in Tyler the following day.  For the next few Tuesdays I want to do a Home Tour of our house so I'll have a place to look back at pictures of The {first} Link Home. We actually only have three more Tuesdays here but I'll take pictures before we move and continue this series after we move to Tyler.  

My favorite rooms in the house are my boy's room.  I think they are my favorite because they are totally decorated and I just love how whimsical and playful and bright they are.  
I don't ever want my boys to grow up because I love their little kid rooms. 
Here are pictures from Pearson's nursery and here are pictures from when we made it into his "big boy" room. About 3 months ago we converted his bed into his big boy bed (a full size).  
I still love his room just as much as I did when we first decorated it.
I just love all the pirate details in his room.
 We aren't planning on changing a thing when we move to Tyler.  I think having their rooms the same will help make our new house feel more like home quicker.  
So many sweet memories of watching by almost 4 year old grow up in this room!!