Wednesday, April 22, 2015

daddy's biggest fans

Matt has been playing in a men's softball league for four or so years.  Most the time his games are past the boys bedtime so I stay home and enjoy having the TV to myself.  I usually end up watching one of my guilty pleasures…..The Bachelor/The Bachelorette or Dancing with the Stars.  But,  on the rare occasion that he has a 6:30 game, I always try to go since it's the only game that doesn't keep the boys up way past their bedtime.

This past Monday night we packed a little picnic, and headed to to ballpark to watch Matt play ball.  It was nice having a little picnic to eat while Daddy warmed up.  
 Pearson was so excited to watch Daddy play softball.  I know he felt so cool sitting with Matt by the dugout.  
 If Matt would have let him, he would have ran out on the field with him.  He wanted to be right with him the whole game!!
It was so precious to hear him cheer "Go Daddy Go" and "Get a Home Run".
 Nash didn't care much about the game because he had food in front of him!
 I learned my lesson with Pearson that you don't take a baby out of the stroller at a ballpark until you are ready to chase them and not watch the game anymore.  When Nash had finally had enough of the stroller, I finally let him out when there was about 20 minutes left in the game. 
 He was in heaven walking around like a big boy!! It didn't even bother him one bit that he tripped every 5th step or so. 
I swear this silly boy is going to bite his tongue off one day.  He cannot keep it in his mouth!!
 The guys won their game 23 to 7.  I think it's because they had to two of the cutest little lucky charms cheering them on!!
 When we got home they were both pretty interested in Matt's hat.  I just love the way these boys look up to and adore their Daddy.  
They are both definitely Daddy's biggest fans!!


Alisa said...

Love seeing Pearson sitting next to his daddy in the dugout. Glad you guys got to make a game. Nash looked like a big boy walking around.