Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the $1 movie

Pearson had his first movie theater experience today.  We went to see Rio.  At Cinemark they are  doing $1 kid movies at 10am on Wednesdays all summer long.

 I know Pearson is a little on the young side to go to a movie, but I thought for $2 we wouldn't have wasted much if we had to walk out early.  
When we first got there I took his picture in his seat.  This was literally the only time he actually sat in his seat for the movie.  He didn't weigh enough to keep the seat from folding in on him.  
He watched all of the preview so great! He just stood in front of me and didn't move. After each one he would look at me and clap.  It was the cutest thing ever.  He had no idea that they weren't the real show that we came to see!
 During the movie he rotated between sitting in my lap, leaning on my legs, sitting on the stair in the aisle beside my chair, leaning on the chair in front of him and walking a few seat down from me. The only time he sat in my lap was if he was eating a snack.  If this weren't a $1 kids movie we probably would have annoyed quite a few people.  For the most part he did pretty good.  There were only two times I thought we were going to have to leave.  First, he turned around during the movie at one point and saw a little boy leaning on his chair.  He started screaming and saying "My Chair, My Chair".  I swiped him up and we went and stood on the side of the movie theater to calm down.  By the time we got back the little boy wasn't leaning on his chair so he was fine.  The other time I thought we were going to have to leave was when we was walking in front of me and he hit his head on my arm rest. Thankfully I had a package of fruit snacks in my bag to distract him from the pain!!
 We really had a great time at the movies.  During all the part when something "bad" would happen he would yell out "Ah-Oh" and anytime there was Brazilian music playing he would dance and jump.  He was soooooo cute!!  Even though we had a lot of fun, we probably won't be taking him to a full price movie any time soon.  We'll stick to the $1 movie for now!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the davis crew

Some of my family is in town from Tennessee, so we got the whole Davis crew together at my Aunt & Uncle's house for a fun night of swimming, grilling and hanging out outside.  

Here are some pictures of our evening together last Sunday!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

meal planning monday

Monday: Spaghetti @ Lolly & Pop's House

Tuesday: Fajita Quesadilla & Veggie Rice

Wednesday: Bacon, Egg & Cheese McMuffins with Hash-browns

Thursday: Taco Salad

Friday: Grilled Pork Chops, Baked Sweet Potatoes, & Fresh Veggies

Saturday Breakfast: Sausage & Cream Cheese Twirls

Saturday Lunch: ???

Saturday Dinner: Cilantro Lime Shrimp Kabobs, Veggie Kabobs, & Baked Potatoes

Sunday Lunch: ???

Sunday Dinner: Pizza

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby No. 2 {10 weeks}

how far along? 10 weeks
how are you measuring? Right on track.  I was measuring one day ahead in my sono. 
size of baby? size of a kumquat
heartbeat? 188 bpm (at our 9 week sono)
total weight gain/loss? -1 lb
maternity clothes? Nope, my clothes are still fitting just fine!
stretch marks? Just the ones I got at the end of my pregnancy with Pearson.
sleep?  I'm sleeping less restlessly this week.  I bought a new pillow and that has really seemed to help. I'm usually only going to the bathroom once at night.
best moment this week?  Seeing our sweet little gummy bear and finding out that everything looks perfect!
movement? Nope.
food cravings? Anything sweet and cold.  Snicker's Ice Cream Bars, Blue Bell Ice Creams, Blizzard's, Sno-Cones, Popsicles.  You name it, I've probably had it this week.  I'm guess that's where the weight gain came from this week!!
gender predictions? No idea!! It's a 50/50 chance!!
what i miss? I still miss having energy.  I'm so ready for it to come back!!
what i'm looking forward to? A low key week after a busy weekend!
how are you feeling? Have I mentioned I'm tired? Oh my goodness, I am so tired.  I had a MOPS retreat this weekend and I'm pretty sure I got 4 hours on sleep on Friday night.  I'm still trying to catch up on lost sleep.  Other than that, my pregnancy symptoms aren't so bad.  Just a little nausea here and there. Thankfully it still goes away quickly with a little snack.  I'm so glad that I'm not actually getting sick. 
comparisons to last pregnancy? I'm feeling like I'm going to pop out any day. I'm feeling very firm in my lower abdomen so I pretty sure I'm going to start showing way sooner than I did with Pearson. My face is also so broken out right now. I don't remember this with Pearson.  

Here I am 10 weeks with Pearson and 10 weeks with Baby No. 2.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I'm not much of a snuggler.  It drives Matt crazy. because I'll ask Matt to snuggle for bed and then two minutes later I'll push him away because I can't go to sleep snuggling. I guess I just like my space. I'm pretty sure I passed my non-snuggle loving trait to Pearson because if we get too close to him on the couch he will scoot over or tell us "no-no". He's never been much of a snuggler. Until today.....
Today while I was fixing lunch for Pearson and the little girl I watch on Thursdays, they snuggled up on the couch next to each other to watch Boz. I told Sarah to put her arm around Pearson so I could take their picture. I was sure that he would push her away like he does us, but instead he just out his arm around her too!! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

our little gummy bear

We had our first real appointment with the OB and our first sonogram yesterday!!
The best part was that we got to see our little gummy bear!!
We got a wonderful report that the baby is growing right on track.  The baby's heart rate was 188 which is very normal for 9 weeks.  Their little bodies are working overtime plus their heart rate usually peaks around 9 weeks.  It was such a blessing to hear a perfect little heartbeat and a perfect developing little baby.  My biggest prayer is that our baby continues to grow big and strong.  
This sonogram picture looks almost identical to Pearson's 1st sonogram picture.  With his sonogram we went in thinking we were 8 weeks 4 days, but he was measuring 9 weeks 3 days.  With this baby I am technically 9 weeks 2 days but I was measuring 9 weeks 3 days.  Because it was one day she didn't change my due date.  Most of the time my doctor does sonograms during the 8th week but I just couldn't fit in my schedule until the 9th week.  I'm so glad we waited though, because our picture was more than just a blob!! It seems like most first sono pictures look like a little blob or a manatee but during the 9th week they start to look like a little gummy bear.  
Since we only get two sonograms, I'm glad we got to see a cute little picture of our baby!!  

Our doctor normally does the gender sono at 20 weeks but since I'm already off on my appointments she told me to remind her at my 13 week appointment to schedule my 17 week appointment a week late  at 18 weeks and we could do the gender sono early!!  Eeek......I can't wait to find out what we are having!! 

We celebrated our good appointment with snow comes on the way home!! Snow cones just taste extra good while I'm pregnant so this really hit the spot!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

busy busy weekend

We had a busy, busy weekend.  I feel like I'm just now catching up to sit down and blog.  
Have I mentioned how tired I am?  I totally remember being tired with Pearson, but not this tired.  If I don't get a 2-3 hour nap every day, I'm asleep on the couch at 7:30.  It's pitiful.  But at least I know that all these naps are helping me grow a big strong baby.  We went to the doctor today and got to see our little baby for the first time.  I'll share pictures tomorrow.  

For now, let's talk about our busy, busy, weekend. 
We started our weekend with Carson and Olivia's 5th and 2nd birthday party.  I didn't take a single picture.  I stole this picture from Ashley.  Her table turned out so cute and the food was delicious!!
Since Pearson just had his birthday, he knew just what to do with all the presents.  He had a hard time understanding that the presents weren't for him.  Thankfully, Olivia didn't mind the help and let him help her unwrap her presents.  

Saturday evening we met up with Matt's parents to drop him off for a sleepover while we went to the Ranger's Game with our ABF 
Our seats were way high up, but it didn't matter because it was just  nice to get away for the evening with our friends.  It would have been even better if the Rangers would have won.  The last three games we have been to, they have lost.  We must be bad luck.  
While we were at the Rangers game Pearson was having a blast with Grammy and Grandaddy.  Or "Go-Daddy" as Pearson has been calling him lately.  
They made a little sandbox for him to play with.  Look at that little mischievous smile. 
 Grammy also made this fun little water tower with coke bottles.  She said he thought it was the neatest thing ever!!
 We got a text from Grammy in the morning saying that he slept great!  Pearson and Grandaddy started their morning watching "golf-ball" (The British Open) and eating "tup-takes" (banana muffins).  He got to go to church with Grammy & Grandaddy which was a real treat for him!! 
 After church Matt and I headed up to Sherman to spend the rest of the day with them.  We had a yummy lunch, swam, took a little nap, played with all of Grammy & Grandaddy's cool toys, ate dinner and then headed home.  

I was too tired to take any pictures all day, so we don't have any pictures of our time together.  But I can guarantee we had a good time, because our car ride home looked like this.......
Thanks Grammy & "Go-Daddy" for keeping Pearson so we could have a night away!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

meal planning monday

Monday: King Ranch Casserole

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday @ Rosa's

Wednesday: Lettuce Wraps and Pot Stickers

Thursday: Chicken Spaghetti, Broccoli, and Cheese Toast

Friday: Boys on their Own

Saturday Breakfast: Boys on their Own

Saturday Lunch: Boys on their Own

Saturday Dinner: Out to Eat

Sunday Lunch: Last Sunday Lunch

Sunday Dinner: Dinner @ Nonnie's

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Baby No. 2 {9 weeks}

how far along? 9 weeks
how are you measuring? We will know on Tuesday!!
size of baby? size of a grape
heartbeat?  We will get to hear it at our appointment on Tuesday!!
total weight gain/loss? -1.4 lbs 
maternity clothes? Nope, not yet! I haven't even pulled them out of the boxes.
stretch marks? Just the ones I got at the end of my pregnancy with Pearson.
sleep?  Still sleeping very restlessly at night and getting up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom.  I took a long 2-3 hour nap almost every day this week to make up for it though!!
best moment this week?  Taking lots of that sad or what? 
movement? Nope.
food cravings? Sonic Ice Water & this week I couldn't get my mind off of a Teriyaki Chicken Grilled Sub at O'Charley's, so I treated myself to lunch one day! 
gender predictions? I have no idea!! The girls I nanny for are convinced its a girl!!
what i miss? Getting things done during the day.  Pearson and I usually go somewhere in the morning, come home for lunch and then our day is over.  He naps and so do I.  No more productivity during his nap time.  I am sooooooooo tired these days. 
what i'm looking forward to? Our first sonogram on Tuesday.
how are you feeling? Tired.  Very tired. Bloated.  Gas-y....I know TMI, but it's true.  Nauseous in the middle of the night, morning and early evening.  I am never sick and the nauseousness seems to go away quickly especially if I eat something. It's crazy how much teeny tiny baby changes everything that goes on in your body.
comparisons to last pregnancy? Definitely feeling nauseous this week has been different.  I didn't have that with Pearson at all.  I had to remind myself that I was pregnant with Pearson and with this one I get little bits of nausea to remind me.  I'm also really gas-y again with this pregnancy.  With Pearson it seemed to be in the evenings with this one it's always first thing when I wake up.  Either way it's annoying!!  Even though this pregnancy hasn't been hard by any means so far, I feel a whole lot more "complainy" than I was with Pearson.

**There is no comparison picture this week because with Pearson I went in at 8 weeks 4 days for my first sonogram and I was measure 9 weeks 3 days.  Since it was almost a week she bumped my due date up.  I skipped week 9 with Pearson and went straight to week 10!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

to nap or to blog

To Nap or To Blog.....

That seems to be the question during Pearson's nap time and after dinner. Clearly you can tell this week I have chosen to nap!! I have been so incredibly tired this week.  Growing a baby is hard work!! With Pearson's pregnancy I was tired in the early afternoon, but I was working so I didn't have the option to nap.  Once I got home I would take a quick cat nap but I didn't have time to take a long nap because I usually had errands to run, things to do around the house, or dinner to cook.  With this pregnancy, we are home everyday from 12:30-4 for Pearson to nap, so it's the perfect opportunity for me to nap too!! I have been taking 2-3 hours naps everyday while Pearson naps this week and it has been wonderful.  

Since I got a little behind on blogging I decided to do some catching up this evening so I don't get any further behind!

Keep scrolling and you'll see all my new posts...


it's been 10 years.....

It's been 10 years since I graduated High School.
On one hand it's kind of hard to believe it's already been 10 years, but on the other hand it feels like it was forever ago when I was in high school.  So much has happened in the last 10 years.  I went to college, my parents moved out of the house I grew up in, I graduated college, started my teaching career, became an aunt, met the man of my dreams, bought a house, got married, made lots of memories together as a married couple, got pregnant, quit teaching, became a Mommy, got pregnant again, and sooooooo much more.
Our 10 year reunion was a few weeks ago.  We had it at Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas.  I graduated with about 300 people but only about 50 showed up to the reunion.  Reunions are kind of weird now that we have Facebook.  I "keep up" with quite a few people from High School on Facebook, so it's not like I've been totally disconnected from people in High School.   It was fun though to see and talk to people that I hadn't seen in literally 10 years though.
 I was most sad that only one of my close friends from high school came.  Matt and I enjoyed spending the evening with Brittany and Preston.
 We only live 30 minutes apart but we don't see each other near enough.
We went to Matt's 10 year reunion two years ago, so he was a good sport about coming to mine.
 Around 10:30 all of the married couples and the couples with kids started leaving.  Apparently after we left things got a little crazy!! Some people were definitely re-living their high school days.  We ended up going to our favorite dessert place, Sweet Mix, with Brittany and Preston.

And just for kicks and giggles, here are some of my High School Senior pictures.....

I thought I was sooooooo cool with my serious look in this picture.
 This was my obligatory "show off my class ring" pictures.  However, the funny thing is that this isn't even my class ring.  We got our class rings during our Junior year and I lost mine the summer before my Senior year.  I had to borrow a friend's for my Senior pictures!!
And I save the best pictures for last.......
Yep, I was wearing capri pant overalls!! What in the world was I thinking??
I thought I was actually kind of stylish in High School, but these overalls are making me re-think that!! 
Did you go to your 10 year High School Reunion??

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

pearson's 1st swim lessons

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to do swim lessons for Pearson this summer.  I had a feeling that he might be too young for them, but I went ahead and did them just because it was something fun for us to do.  We went to a lady in my neighborhood that was pretty inexpensive.  I'm really glad that I didn't end up doing something intense or expensive because he was soooooooo not ready for swim lessons.  I kind of felt like we basically paid someone to swim in their pool.  Other than Day 2, I think he really had alot of fun though.  Everyday he would talk about going "Swi-Yin (Swimming) with "Miss Mi-Na" (Myra). 

Day 1: He wouldn't cooperate without me in the pool so I ended up having to get in the pool.  I really didn't want to do that, but it was the only way that we could get him to do what we wanted him to.  He wouldn't float on his back, use his arms to scoop the water or climb around the edge of the pool, but he did a great job kicking, blowing bubbles in the water, and jumping off the step.  
Day 2: I went ahead and got in the pool because it seems to work well the first day.  About 10 minutes into the lesson he spotted the toys that he got to play with at the end of yesterdays lesson.  We wouldn't let him play with them because we hadn't finished all of the activities she had planned.  He started crying and then just lost it.  I couldn't get him to calm down so we just had to leave.  
Day 3:  Since the day before was such a disaster we decided to see how he would do without me in the pool.  I hid inside their house and watched them through the window.  He did great!!  He did everything his teacher asked him and even had a smile on his face most of the time.  His favorite thing to do this day was when his teacher would put toys on the step and he would have to put his face under water to get them.  I was really impressed at how he followed directions this day. 
Day 4:  I decided to just wait in the car this day so I didn't see what they were doing.  I was going to go in the backyard for the last 5 minutes to watch them, but it started lightening so I didn't get to see any of his 4th lesson.  She said he did well though. 
Overall, he did okay.  I definitely wouldn't recommend doing swim lessons this young though.  He won't remember anything he learned this summer and he definitely didn't walk away knowing how to swim.  I knew that he wouldn't be swimming, but I had hoped that he would be able to grab the side and crawl himself back to the steps and be more comfortable kicking and floating on his back.  I'm not sure he really grasped any concepts though.  It was more fun and games for him.  We'll definitely try swim lessons again next summer as I think he will be a better age for it!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

pearson {25 months}

I know, I probably thought Pearson's monthly posts were going to be over since he turned TWO last month.  Honestly, I thought they would be over too.  


I don't keep a baby book.  This is Pearson's baby book.  And he keeps doing funny things and saying funny things and I have to have a place to write them down.  I'm going to keep it simple and just take one picture and jot down a few things he's done or said each month.  I don't want to go overboard because I'm going to have to keep up with my Baby No. 2 weekly pregnancy posts and then Baby No. 2's monthly posts once he/she is born.
  • I chose this picture of you with your tongue sticking out because this is how you have been for the last month.  I swear your molars are coming in, but you won't let me in your mouth to see.
  • You have been an incredible eater this month.  You will literally eat just about anything I put in front of you these days and you almost always clear your whole plate. 
  • You sign "more" but say "Queese" (please) when you want more food.
  • You know 20 out of 25 of your letter sounds.  I started doing the Kinesthetic motions that I did with my Kindergarteners and you caught right on.  By next month I bet you will know all of your sounds!!  
  • You are obsessed with napkins, however the way you say it, it sounds like "nut-megs".  You like to wipe your face after every bite.  
  • You love to put your clothes in the dirty clothes.  
  • Any kind of car or truck is still your toy of choice. 
  • We have had our fair share of little 2 yr old fits this month.  
  • Time-out is an almost daily activity in our house.  Thankfully you respond to it well and usually change your behavior after we take 2 minutes to think.
  • You love to watch Mickey Mouse (Me-Mouse), Jake & The Neverland Pirates (Pirate Show), Chuck the Truck (Chuck Truck), and Handy Manny (Han-nee Mi-nee).  We usually just let you watch one show a day.  If you had your choice you would probably watch TV all day long.  Thankfully you play well independently and we usually just use TV in the evening while I'm trying to cook dinner. 
  • Every since we made our "Bun in the Oven" video you love to help me in the kitchen.  If I say the word cook, you pull up the chair to the bar just like we did in the video. 
  • You can't get enough watermelon.  You call it "Na-Na-Me-Yuh".
  • You will repeat anything we say, so it's hard to know what words are new.  You can pretty much say anything we tell you to, it's just not always clear. 
  • You are really starting to talk about your friends and family when we aren't with them.  I love that you love your friends and family.
That's all for now!

Monday, July 15, 2013

meal planning monday

Monday: Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Broccoli & Rolls

Tuesday: Meatball Sanwiches, Chips, & Fruit

Wednesday: Paninis, Chips & Fruit

Thursday: Pasta A La Betsey, Sautéed Zuchinni, & Garlic Toast

Friday: King Ranch Casserole & Salad

Saturday Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls

Saturday Lunch: Olivia's Birthday Party

Saturday Dinner: Ranger's Game