Thursday, July 18, 2013

to nap or to blog

To Nap or To Blog.....

That seems to be the question during Pearson's nap time and after dinner. Clearly you can tell this week I have chosen to nap!! I have been so incredibly tired this week.  Growing a baby is hard work!! With Pearson's pregnancy I was tired in the early afternoon, but I was working so I didn't have the option to nap.  Once I got home I would take a quick cat nap but I didn't have time to take a long nap because I usually had errands to run, things to do around the house, or dinner to cook.  With this pregnancy, we are home everyday from 12:30-4 for Pearson to nap, so it's the perfect opportunity for me to nap too!! I have been taking 2-3 hours naps everyday while Pearson naps this week and it has been wonderful.  

Since I got a little behind on blogging I decided to do some catching up this evening so I don't get any further behind!

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Alisa said...

Get as much rest as you need because you are growing a baby and that is priority. All of that other stuff can wait or just not get done. It is more challenging being pregnant and having an active 2 year old to keep up with!