Tuesday, July 16, 2013

pearson {25 months}

I know, I know....you probably thought Pearson's monthly posts were going to be over since he turned TWO last month.  Honestly, I thought they would be over too.  


I don't keep a baby book.  This is Pearson's baby book.  And he keeps doing funny things and saying funny things and I have to have a place to write them down.  I'm going to keep it simple and just take one picture and jot down a few things he's done or said each month.  I don't want to go overboard because I'm going to have to keep up with my Baby No. 2 weekly pregnancy posts and then Baby No. 2's monthly posts once he/she is born.
  • I chose this picture of you with your tongue sticking out because this is how you have been for the last month.  I swear your molars are coming in, but you won't let me in your mouth to see.
  • You have been an incredible eater this month.  You will literally eat just about anything I put in front of you these days and you almost always clear your whole plate. 
  • You sign "more" but say "Queese" (please) when you want more food.
  • You know 20 out of 25 of your letter sounds.  I started doing the Kinesthetic motions that I did with my Kindergarteners and you caught right on.  By next month I bet you will know all of your sounds!!  
  • You are obsessed with napkins, however the way you say it, it sounds like "nut-megs".  You like to wipe your face after every bite.  
  • You love to put your clothes in the dirty clothes.  
  • Any kind of car or truck is still your toy of choice. 
  • We have had our fair share of little 2 yr old fits this month.  
  • Time-out is an almost daily activity in our house.  Thankfully you respond to it well and usually change your behavior after we take 2 minutes to think.
  • You love to watch Mickey Mouse (Me-Mouse), Jake & The Neverland Pirates (Pirate Show), Chuck the Truck (Chuck Truck), and Handy Manny (Han-nee Mi-nee).  We usually just let you watch one show a day.  If you had your choice you would probably watch TV all day long.  Thankfully you play well independently and we usually just use TV in the evening while I'm trying to cook dinner. 
  • Every since we made our "Bun in the Oven" video you love to help me in the kitchen.  If I say the word cook, you pull up the chair to the bar just like we did in the video. 
  • You can't get enough watermelon.  You call it "Na-Na-Me-Yuh".
  • You will repeat anything we say, so it's hard to know what words are new.  You can pretty much say anything we tell you to, it's just not always clear. 
  • You are really starting to talk about your friends and family when we aren't with them.  I love that you love your friends and family.
That's all for now!


Alisa said...

Glad you are going to keep this going. Love to hear what my sweet boy is doing!

Alisa said...
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Lolly said...

Keep going. He's just now getting to the age where he will start saying funny things you'll want to remember. If you don't write them down, you'll forget them. I love to look back at the baby books and read your funny thoughts.