Sunday, March 31, 2013

he is ALIVE

This morning we headed to our church for Easter Services then drove up to see Matt's family.  I was hoping Pearson would sleep the entire way and get a 45 minute nap but that was definitely wishful thinking.  He ended falling asleep for the last 15 minutes of our drive. It's so sweet to see him slow down and fall asleep because he is always full of energy and on the move!!
Thankful he was a pretty good little boy for the entire afternoon with only taking a 15 minutes car nap. 
Pearson loves spending time with all of his cousins and Grammy & Grandaddy so that's probably why he did so well without a nap.
 He especially loves his cousin Ellie.  She is so sweet with him and gives him lots of special attention.
 We tried really hard to get a pictures with all of the cousins, but this is the best we could get!! I'm hoping my SIL or FIL got a better one!!
 Pearson and Ethan are at such fun ages.  They are really starting to play with each other.  I love it!!
And just like last time we were all together at Christmas, this baby stroller was a big hit with the two of them.  They strolled around the house with this things for a long time.  
After a yummy lunch made by Grammy, we went out side for an Easter Egg Hunt.  It stormed and poured down rain this morning, but it ended up being a beautiful day.  We let the kids out in waves since their ages range from 1.5 to 12.  Pearson and Ethan were the first to get out the door.
This was Pearson's 4th Easter Egg Hunt, so you would think he would know what to do by now.  Nope!! Still opens up, drops the candy, drops the egg, and then moves on!!
Maybe next year he'll get it a little more and understand the fun of finding eggs filled with candy!!
Hope you all had a blessed Easter spending time with your family and reflecting on all that the Lord has done for us!
But God raised him from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.  Acts 2:24


Saturday, March 30, 2013

easter fun with my family

We are going to be spending the day with Matt's family tomorrow so we got together with my family today. 
My Dad prepared a delicious Shrimp Boil with Shrimp, Sausage, Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, & Onions.

My Dad prepared a delicious Shrimp Boil with Shrimp, Sausage, Potatoes, Corn, Carrots, & Onions.

 Mmmmm.....sooooo good!!
 After lunch we headed outside for an Easter Egg Hunt.  Carson is almost 5 so he actually gets it.  Mom color coded the eggs, so Carson picked up all the green eggs, Pearson got all the blue eggs, and Olivia got all the pink eggs.  

Once again, Pearson didn't really get how to hunt the eggs.  He opened them all dropped the candy and left. 
He really just preferred to run around the backyard and hang out with Daddy.
Olivia, on the other hand, was all about the candy.  She would find her eggs and immediately eat the candy.....wrapper and all!!  
 We let Pearson try a tootsie roll while we were outside.  He took one little bite and then threw it on the ground.  I guess he's not that into candy. 
Oh well, that means lots of Easter Candy for Mommy & Daddy!!
 Since it felt so nice outside today, Mom brought their little Easter gifts outside to open. 
 Pearson got some water shoes.  As soon as he saw them he held them up and said "Shoe-On".  We always say, "Let's put your shoes on.", so he has started calling shoes "Shoe-On"!!
 We had a wonderful afternoon hanging out with my family.  Sadly I didn't get any pictures with my parents but I did snap one of Drew (or Chew as Pearson says) and his girlfriend and Ryan and his family.  
After our egg hunt this little guy made up for not eating any candy by downing some "tate" (cake) that I made.  
Looking forward to celebrating Easter with our church family tomorrow morning and with Matt's family tomorrow afternoon!!

neighborhood easter celebration

This afternoon we went to our neighborhood Easter Celebration.
The Easter Bunny was there and Pearson couldn't have cared less.  He first walked right past him, then we tried to make him take a picture he ran away.  
 The main reason we went to the Easter Celebration was because there was a Petting Zoo.  I knew he would love it!!
He loves looking at all of his farm animal books and telling me the sounds they make so it was fun for him to see all the animals in real life.
We couldn't look at the chicks for long because he was a little too rough with them.  He pick up one by his neck and almost strangled it!!  Oops!!
Before the Egg Hunt we played a little at the park.  This park is bigger than the park by our house so he had a ball playing on the rock wall and the slides. 
 There wasn't a line to see the Easter Bunny, so we decided to give him a try again.  He wasn't in a smiling mood, but we did get a cute little family picture out of it!!
Since my parents live in the same neighborhood they stopped by to see Pearson.

 Pearson's age group (3&under) had their Easter Egg Hunt at 11am.  He was so ready to go, but he had no idea what to do when he got out there. 
 Parents weren't allowed in so he was on his own.  He just wandered around.  He picked up a few eggs and pinwheels but then he put them back on the ground.  I guess we can just say he was thinking of others. Ha!!
 "Wait, you mean I was supposed to pick up those eggs out there?"
 When we left, Matt sarcastically said, "Well, nothing says Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for my sins than parents yelling at their kids to pick up eggs and then getting angry when other kids taken them. "  I jokingly told Matt that Pearson must already get the true meaning of Easter because he left the Easter Hunt with an empty basket.........just like the tomb was empty because Jesus is Risen!!  
 Even though we left empty handed we had a great time!!
I'm pretty sure there were other kids that left empty handed and their parents were angry about it.  It made me sad to think that this Egg Hunt is what Easter is all about to them, so leaving empty handed is a huge disappointment.  I'm thankful that we know the true meaning of Easter and that we didn't really leave empty handed.  We have been given eternal life in Heaven with the Father because Jesus died on the cross to save our sins.  

That is what Easter is all about. 

iPhone Rewind {march 2013}

While I was getting all of these pictures together, I realized that I totally forgot to post my February iPhone Rewind.  I went ahead and posted it here
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::Sipping on Sonic with Mommy::Rosa's Tortilla::Sunny & 75 & Swinging::
::Hydrating with Sonic Water while Sick::My Little Salad Lover::Driving Mommy's Car
::Sleepy Boy::Watching the Moving Truck::CFA Play::
::Lunch w/ Grammy & Grandaddy::"Mee-Mo" w/ Amber::Reading with Daddy::
::Buggy Ride @ Church::My Little Lefty::Happy Eater::
::Broken Cup::Chipotle Lunch Date::My Cool Boys::
::Bike Ride::Sunglasses::Lovin' his new TOMS::
::His Favorite Book::Love my Boy::Saturday Cartoons w/ Daddy::
::Snot Bubble::Easter Hunt @ School::Swinging w/ Katelyn
::Headed to the Gym::P's Favorite Evening Activity::Trying on Hats @ Ross

Friday, March 29, 2013

easter basket truck goodies

Today Pearson and I did some shopping at Sam's and I saw some cute pre-made Easter basket mainly full of candy for $20.  Seeing a basket full of candy for $20 got me curious at how much I spend on all the stuff I got for Pearson.  I kind of felt like I went overboard this year on his Easter basket, but I just kept finding fun cheap stuff to fill it up with.  When I sat down and did the math I really didn't spend that much!!  I pick up all of his things here and there starting in January and got most of the stuff at The Dollar Store, Once Upon a Child or the Facebook Garage Sale Group I'm a part of!!   I think he will be super excited to get all of his little Easter goodies.  
I had planned on stuffing all this stuff in his Easter basket, but when I found this metal Tonka Truck in perfect condition on the Garage Sale Site for $2.50, I knew my truck lovin' boy would love all his goodies in this truck. 
1.  Number Puzzle {$2 FB Garage Sale}
2. Mickey Foam Puzzle {$1 Dollar Tree}
3. Brown Sandals{$4.50 Once Upon a Child}
4. Lollipops {Free...The Barber gave us a ton after our last haircut!! Ha!}
5. Easy Grip Crayons {$1 after coupons Target}
5. Mickey Bath Book{$1 Dollar Tree}
6. Swim Trunks & Rash Guard {$5.50 Once Upon a Child}
7. Hopping Chick {$1 Dollar Tree}
8. Sippy Cup {$3 Target}
9. Peeps {$1 Dollar Tree}
10. The Jesus Storybook Bible {$5 Online Deal}
11. Tonka Truck {$2.50 FB Garage Sale}

Total: $27.50

Not to bad huh? I would much rather spend $27.50 on stuff that Pearson needs and wants than $20 on basket full of candy that will be gone in a week!!

We went ahead and gave Pearson his Easter truck goodies today since we will be at church tomorrow morning and with family all afternoon/evening.
It's so funny how the cheapest things are always his favorite......which is exactly why I don't spend a fortune on anything!!  He loved this little chick that hopped around. 
He loves "Mee-Mo" (Mickey Mouse)p so I knew he would love this!!
And as I'm typing this, he is driving his dump truck all around the house!!