Friday, March 22, 2013

closet clean out

I've been doing some Spring Cleaning around our house lately.  Have you?? 
It's crazy how every Spring we feel the need to clean, purge, and organize.

One of the main areas I have cleaned out recently is my closet.  I got rid of so many clothes, yet I still feel like there are so many clothes that I didn't get rid of that I don't wear that often (or even at all).  I guess I'm just not quite ready to get rid of them.  Ya know, I might need them for something!!  

So to get rid of all the clothes I don't wear but I'm still holding on to them, I'm going to do a year long cleaning out project. I turned all of my hangers the "wrong way".  This indicates that I haven't worn these clothes. After I wear/wash each item, I will turn the hanger around.  
 This time next year I'm going to get rid of all the clothes that never got turned.  
Check out the website where I got this idea, there are alot of other great home organization ideas that I hope to try out as well. 


Ryan said...

What a great idea! I may have to do the same! :)

Christine said...

I plan to do this once I get down to my goal weight and am not constantly changing sizes. I've never done it before and I feel like there are always clothes languishing in my closet.

The Fenner's said...

I've got dresses in my closet that I havnt worn in over 5 years! I know that I will want one for something as soon as I get rid of them. So they are all still there:/

Cassidy said...

I did this too!! It's been about a month and a half and it's amazing to find out how little you wear of your closet!! While Adam was at work, I attacked his side, too and next thing I knew, he was getting rid of a bunch of stuff!!