Friday, March 29, 2013

easter basket truck goodies

Today Pearson and I did some shopping at Sam's and I saw some cute pre-made Easter basket mainly full of candy for $20.  Seeing a basket full of candy for $20 got me curious at how much I spend on all the stuff I got for Pearson.  I kind of felt like I went overboard this year on his Easter basket, but I just kept finding fun cheap stuff to fill it up with.  When I sat down and did the math I really didn't spend that much!!  I pick up all of his things here and there starting in January and got most of the stuff at The Dollar Store, Once Upon a Child or the Facebook Garage Sale Group I'm a part of!!   I think he will be super excited to get all of his little Easter goodies.  
I had planned on stuffing all this stuff in his Easter basket, but when I found this metal Tonka Truck in perfect condition on the Garage Sale Site for $2.50, I knew my truck lovin' boy would love all his goodies in this truck. 
1.  Number Puzzle {$2 FB Garage Sale}
2. Mickey Foam Puzzle {$1 Dollar Tree}
3. Brown Sandals{$4.50 Once Upon a Child}
4. Lollipops {Free...The Barber gave us a ton after our last haircut!! Ha!}
5. Easy Grip Crayons {$1 after coupons Target}
5. Mickey Bath Book{$1 Dollar Tree}
6. Swim Trunks & Rash Guard {$5.50 Once Upon a Child}
7. Hopping Chick {$1 Dollar Tree}
8. Sippy Cup {$3 Target}
9. Peeps {$1 Dollar Tree}
10. The Jesus Storybook Bible {$5 Online Deal}
11. Tonka Truck {$2.50 FB Garage Sale}

Total: $27.50

Not to bad huh? I would much rather spend $27.50 on stuff that Pearson needs and wants than $20 on basket full of candy that will be gone in a week!!

We went ahead and gave Pearson his Easter truck goodies today since we will be at church tomorrow morning and with family all afternoon/evening.
It's so funny how the cheapest things are always his favorite......which is exactly why I don't spend a fortune on anything!!  He loved this little chick that hopped around. 
He loves "Mee-Mo" (Mickey Mouse)p so I knew he would love this!!
And as I'm typing this, he is driving his dump truck all around the house!!


The Fenner's said...

I love the truck! Such a great idea!

Christine said...

Completely agree! Naomi's basket is all stuff and no candy as well. And it's full of stuff from the dollar spot in Target and a few other odds and ends I've picked up along the way (including those same triangle crayons). :)

Nickolee Roberts said...

truck is SUCH a cute idea...and let me tell you - starting in January I switched to Ryleigh's Storybook Bible and she LOVES it - she even asks to read the next story at night in lieu of her typical bedtime story...we are HUGE fans!

Rachel said...

I love the truck! you're such a fun mommy!