Thursday, March 14, 2013

why do we even have toys?

I'm not sure why we even have any toys at our house.  Pearson loves to play with his toys, they just don't entertain him as long as the real things around the house do.  

A few days ago Pearson entertained himself for a good hour with a broom, dustpan and brush while I cleaned out the pantry and fixed dinner. 
And today before bedtime, instead of playing with his tools or reading his books in his room he decided to play with all the diapers that I bought.  
Anyone else wonder why you even have toys?


The Fenner's said...

Lol, Dylan and Graham's favorite toy at their grandparents is the broom and dust pan. Dylan enjoys playing with Adams stuff, like the tape measure, laser measurer and goggles!;) I'm not sure why I buy and toy that isn't a ball, that's all they play with:) I have like a million.

Brittany said...

L's diapers & our pantry are always her favs too!! She loves when we buy boxed diapers bc she can climb all over the box!

The Adcock Home said...

Alexis loves playing with plastic bottles. We have a 2 liter and it has made it into her toy box.

Rachel [at] floral and fudge said...

I think the only thing Nolan likes doing with his toys is pulling them off the shelves and scattering them on the floor :) for months, he just searches the place for new things that he hasn't discovered yet!