Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 on 10 {march 2013}

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!
{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

This morning I woke up at what felt like the crack of dawn because of the time change to make this yummy breakfast casserole for our ABF.  We had breakfast duty today!!
Since Pearson has been sick, Matt stayed home with the little man while I went to church.  
(Don't mind the tape on Matt's glasses......Pearson broke them for the 2nd time a few weeks ago.  We had plans to go get him some new glasses this weekend, but our sick little boy changed those plans.)
It was so weird to go to church by myself, but since we had breakfast duty and I work in the preschool during the second hour I had to go without my boys.  
When I got home from church, Matt already had Pearson down for a nap, so we had a pretty lazy afternoon on the couch.  I spend some time pinning lots of Spring outfits on Pinterest. 
We were hoping to go to small group tonight, but Pearson woke up mad as a hornet and coughing again so we though it would be best to keep his little sick germs at home.  He spent some time relaxing on the couch watching "Memo" (Mickey).
And he did a little drawing on Mommy's paper with a pen.  It's so funny how drawing with a pen and on something other than a coloring book is soooooo much more enticing to him. 
And of course, after we made the decision to stay home, he perked up.  "Cah-kers" (Crackers) make this boy so happy!!
Since we were planning on being gone for the evening I had already put dinner in the crock-pot.  It was so nice to just continue relaxing and spending time with my boys while dinner was cooking away.  I made Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Tacos.  This recipe is so easy and so yummy.  And my favorite part is always the leftovers.  I take the leftover chicken and make my Sour Cream & Cheese Enchiladas.  I usually just use plain chicken, so this Salsa Chicken adds an extra flavor that makes the enchiladas even better!!
After our normal night time routine of dinner, bath, playtime, and prayers, we put our little man to bed.  He cried and cried and cried.  He usually cries for a little bit, but tonight was way more than normal.  I definitely don't mind doing cry it out, but I felt really bad that he was crying for so long since he has been sick.  I went to go check on him and all he wanted to do was snuggle.  He even let me rock him.  I guess he is still not feeling 100%.  Poor baby. 
Matt and I finished our evening with some Girl Scout Cookies, Amazing Race, and The Bible.  Are you watching the 5 part series of The Bible on The History Channel??  It's so good!! I'm really enjoying it.  
Happy 10th!!


Lindsay said...

Hudson loves pens and paper so much more than crayons and color pages also. I think it's because they know they aren't supposed to have them. I hope Pearson starts feeling better soon!

Carissa said...

I completely forgot to do mine! So we're having 11 on 11.

the kriegels said...

If you're looking to save money with the glasses they might just be able to get a new side part. I know we did that when I was a kid and snapped mine.

Rachel [at] floral and fudge said...

I hope Pearson is feeling better today! We had the opposite weekend--sick parents, healthy/happy little boy! it was tough, but I think we've made it through :)