Tuesday, March 19, 2013

pearson {21 months}

**I am SO late on getting this posted and I don't even have pictures.  Hopefully I'll be able to take some pictures tomorrow but I'll go ahead and post this since he turned 21 months on Saturday.  I can't believe he is 3 months away from being two years old!!  Crazy!!
These months seem to be flying by lately, which is why Mommy is late with your 21 month post!!  You keep us laughing these days.  You are so happy and love to giggle.  There were definitely days when you were a baby that I thought you were going to be a serious kid, but now you love to laugh.  You love to give us kisses and hugs and you love to make us laugh too!!  We love you so much sweet boy!!

Measurements:  27 pounds 11 ounces

  • shirts/onesies: 24 months & 2T
  • shorts/pants: 24 months 
  • pjs: 24 months & 2T
  • diaper: Just finished up our last pack of 4's.  Size 5's
  • shoe: size 5's & 6's

Sleeping: You have been napping earlier this month and you seem to take a better nap.  You nap from 12:30-3pm.  You go to bed around 7-7:30pm and wake up around 7-7:30.  However with the time change you have been going to bed around 7:30-8:00 and sleeping until 8 or 8:30!!

Eating: You drink 3 sippy cups of milk and eat 2 snacks and 3 meals a day.  You love any kind of cracker, cheese, almost all fruits, especially blueberries, salad, homemade mac n cheese,  & pizza.  There really isn't too much that you don't like

New Tricks: Chicken, rooster, lion, bear, bird, elephant, donkey (hah-ho) sound, Can recognize number 1-9.

Words: Again, he is saying so many words, I can't keep up with them all.  I've got to start writing his new words daily so I don't forget.  He is still not really stringing any words together, but I'm not too concerned because he is very verbal and says alot of words.  He will sometimes say "Go Bye-Bye" or "Ho Pee" (help, please).

Da-De (Daddy), Go (when he waves), Doh (dog), Da ("dat"), Woah (hello), Mommy, Duh(Duck), Wah (Water), GoGoGoGoGoGo (when we mention going somewhere), Nuh (milk), Ah-Oh (when he drops something), Di-Dle (Bible), Ca-Ker (cracker), Go-Go (anything with wheels), Doo (Peek-a-Boo), Shhhuh (Shoe), Cah (car), Nih-Nih (Night, Night) Trac-Ker (tractor), Na-Nuh (Banana), No, Gee-Suh (Jesus), Nack (Snack) Di-Da (Diaper), Bye-Bye, Sha-Ta (Shasta-my parent's Dog), Izz-oo (Izzie), Jo (Joseph), A-Tal (Apple), Truh with a rolled "r" (truck), Woooaaah (Wow), Yah (Yay), Buh (Book), Coh (Cow), Pah (Pops), Trac-Ker (also train) BeBe (Blueberry) Bo (Boat) Too-Too (Choo-Choo) Ba-Be (Baby), Uh (Up),  Eeeee (Eat), Pappi (Paci)  Ba-Tuh (Bathtub), Yo-Yo (Yogurt) Yo-Ya (Lolly), Cah-Se (Carson), Cuh (Cup), Boh (Ball), Soh (Sock), Coh (Coat), Pee-Suh (Pizza), Tuh-Dle (Puzzle), Cuh-Cuh (Color), A-see (Aisley), Ah-Yi (Alice), Mi-Mi (Naomi),Sho (TV Show) Mi-Mo (Mickey Mouse, Mi-Mi(Minnie), Chee-uh (Cheers...on Mickey Mouse), Ya-Yi (Lolly), Cha (chair), Moo (moon), Chuh (church), Shah (Star), tuh-tle (turtle), su-cle (circle), o-ful (oval), Hah (heart), tee (teeth) No (nose), eye, Mummy (tummy), elbow, knee, Am-ba (Amber), Essie (Lexi), Teet (feet), ah nuh (all done), Buh (Book), New this Month: Be-Bo (belly button), Waaayyyy (yay!), Ah-she (Ashley), Yi-Bia (Olivia), Ou-Sie (outside), Bubu's (bubbles), Ah-noo (airplane), Ugh (up), Ha (hat), Ho (help), Tee (teeth), Tee-Tee (Potty), mow (mouth), A-Mee (amen) Owl, Pih-see or Pee-Pee (Pearson), Wa-yee (wagon)

Teeth: 15 (eight top/seven bottom) Your bottom right canine came through this month.  Now we are just waiting on your bottom left canine and your two year molars and then we are done with teething.  Although it hasn't been bad at all!!

Likes: Books, trucks, Mickey Mouse, Playing outside, Taking Walks, Snacks, Being with his cousins, Seeing his Grandparents, singing songs

Dislikes: When we tell you we can't go outside, Getting your diaper changed (not always though)
Other Random Things:

  • We took away your paci for a few days at naptime and you did fine, but your naps just weren't as long. I decided to give in and give you your paci for now for naptimes.  We'll work on taking it away when you turn two. 
  • Every time you say "truck" you still roll your r's and you also put a sound in front of it.  For example, "ca-truck" "ma-truck".  We keep thinking you are saying the specific kind of truck, like dump truck or fire truck, but it's not always the same and really can't understand you. We'll figure it out soon enough.  
  • You love to clap and you always say "Waaaaaayyyy" instead of yay!
  • I have to sing the ABC's to get you to brush your teeth. Every time we brush your teeth you clap for me when I'm finished singing!! It's so cute!!. 
  • You are a talker.  You always have something to say. We definitely can't understand half of what you say, but it's so funny to listen to you because you speak in sentences, except we usually just get like one word. 
  • When we say our prayers at night, I say a short prayer and you always repeat the words that you know.  You always know when the end is nearing because I say, "Help me have a good night-night.  Amen."  You say nigh-nigh, then A-MEE really loud.  It's so cute!!

Look how you've changed....